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    Motorcycles, Guitars, Rock Climbing, and Music :)

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    Designer & Animator by day, musician by night who refuses to stick to any genre. I love music that tells a good story and takes you somewhere fantastic.

    Spent my high school and college years as a singer and guitarist in many classic rock/funk cover bands, and began solo and collaborative writing/production efforts in 2008. I've released two self-produced solo singer/songwriter albums, "The Road" (September 2009), and "Homestead" (February 2016). I've collaborated with fellow OCRemix musician and good friend Josh Whelchel, performing live guitar and vocals with his Poolside project, and laying down electric rhythm guitar, solos, and co-writing on his 2010 release of the "Gun Girl 2: Original Soundtrack".

    Of course, then there's gaming... Highly addicted to the early systems, my favorite games were featured in the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, and Gamecube eras. Fanboy of the classic Sonic, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and Mario franchises. It only makes sense I've found myself stumbling into the bright world of VGM.
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    Senior Designer & Animator

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  1. really dig this! great use of panning and space. gives me a kind of epic-Tron-in-space vibe, especially with the album artwork. you've inspired me to open my DAW and get crackin, sir