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  1. double post, but worthy of an update! Thank you to everyone who entered congrats to both A_rival and Tony D. for winning! We couldn't decided on 1 it was a really touch choice to make, lots of good submissions in the mix Our five runner ups will also be receiving codes for the game when it releases! Here they are in no particular order. Please contact me with your details if you're listed below! Aer0blue DZX Jacob Mazedude Robotboot Thank you again to everyone who entered. Will keep you guys updated, might have a few extra codes to throw your way on launch too stay tuned! Full write up
  2. http://www.capcom-unity.com/snow_infernus/blog/2010/08/23/bcr_2_make_something_radd_remix_entries_-_part_3 Batch number 3 is up! Check em, got a couple real nice ones today
  3. I think you submitted under "John" iirc? Shouldn't be too long We'll tag you as Zoola or whatever you'd like if you win Next set of tracks is up! http://www.capcom-unity.com/snow_infernus/blog/2010/08/19/bcr_2_make_something_radd_remix_entries_-_part_2
  4. doors are cloooosed! Got a lot of cool entries, and will hopefully be rolling them out via our site on Monday I'll post a link for you guys once it's up First batch of entries are up! http://www.capcom-unity.com/snow_infernus/blog/2010/08/16/bcr_2_make_something_radd_remix_entries_-_part_1
  5. if you can get it in by like 9 am tomorrow morning you can still submit. As soon as I see my inbox though it's closed! LOTS of people holding out till the last minute lol, got a bunch in just the past 2 days lol
  6. REMINDER! got till tomorrow night, Wednesday at 11:59 PM PST, to submit your track! go go go! lol
  7. REMINDER! One week left until our deadline... next Wednesday the 11th is our cut-off. Get your entries in soon everyone!
  8. it's more of a cover for us in case we run into a situation where something happens and your name is left out of a write up/credit unintentionally. When/where it's possible, I'll personally make sure that winners are credited, because I know how much work you guys put into doing this. Capcom has had a great relationship with the OCR community over the past number of years and we love to work with you guys when the opportunity presents itself, the least we can do is make sure you're credited when it's due Edit: mods hookin it up with an av! RAD! lol
  9. We won't "claim" the song unless you win the competition. Even then we're not gonna be like OMG WE MADE THIS, NOT YOU! The artist will still credited for use of the track when we utilized it. Plus we'll feature the top mixes on our site's official blog, so you'll become an Capcom-Unity rockstar little over a week left to submit, get it in early I wanna hear! lol
  10. Believe me I am too! When I was a kid, Mega Man was my absolute FAVORITE series, seriously I'd play it all day. I wasn't with the company at the time, but I was on XBLA at like 2am waiting for MM9 to release on launch day lol, and I was fortunate enough to be on board with Capcom when we did MM10. Stay tuned for Mega Man Universe, there's not much info on the game just yet, but you won't be disappointed, trust me What do you think of BCR so far? Did you play the original Bionic Commando back in the day?
  11. "Capcom" here lol, NOT AT ALL! If we could get 11ty billion submissions I'd listen to every single one, probably a number of times because I wish I could be half as talented as you guys The issue is legality/rights, and believe me I fought for opening this up worldwide. I'm trying to get our sister "Euro" site to host the same contest so we can at least take some submissions from across the pond. It's still in the works though, but I'll keep you guys updated. someone from country X winning the contest, signing full rights to the song over to us, then having some weird law/right in their coun
  12. thanks for pointing me to that thread. Even if people from out of the states can't legally win this one, I'm gonna use this as proof that WE NEED to be able to have worldwide submissions. The US is only a tiny portion of the community.
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