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  1. I'm honestly still not sure what type of music it should fall under. He described it with several different types so I'm not sure of where to even begin. Does anyone know of any songs like these?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3vezqwGms http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01586/ I still don't know why I love these types of songs but I feel almost touched everytime I listen to one of them. Does anyone know what type of music these can be classified as or recconmend some others like it? Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Final Fantasy X was the first ever video game soundtrack that I bought. After that, I pretty much got hooked with Nobuo.
  4. Yeah same with me, the best resolution I found was to have multiple songs and change them every day or so so I don't get bored of one single song. I just need to expand the list a bit.
  5. Damn, I appreciate the songs everyone, after I get off work today I'll definetly be going through them and picking some out.
  6. Appreciate the songs but I should've been more specific. I'm looking for a good OCR to wake up too. As Schwaltzvald said, I really like that feeling of nostalgia, it gets me up and moving lol. So far I've been listning to http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01357/ but I think it's starting to have a reverse effect lol.
  7. Hey I'm new to the site forum-wise but I've been a huge fan of OCR ever since a friend told me about it quite some time ago. I'm in the Army and this probably seems like a strange request from a soldier but I'm looking for some good songs for my wakeup alarm. I could never stand the normal beeper alarms and have always used my iPhone songs to wake-up but the same ones are getting very old, very fast. I'm just asking for some recommendations if possible to some nice songs that just make you wanna get up and be motivated if it is possible to be motivated at 5AM lol.
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