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  1. So unnatural, all the sudden last night, OCR server was full and all the old regulars come out and play. *sniff*
  2. Uh guys, I have taken a leave of absence from TF2 for several months, got back in the game like a couple of week.... what the hell happen to OCR server? It's like always empty. Are people still playing around here?
  3. Same with me, hopefully this is just Valve server being overloaded... I can't change any of my loadout once I get into a server, it's just laggged real bad or something.
  4. IMO, Necro should get his own scout card. Frogg's card is not destructive enough. Kamikaze card should have the caption "Mini sentry to the... "
  5. After 200 hours of Xenoblade, I think I'm jumping back in TF2 after a month, I think, it appears I didn't missed anything other than bug fixes then?
  6. Switched to Deus Ex sniper for a bit after months of being Piss Sniper... Now I realized the god damn pee gun had ruined me. I can't do any head shots now.
  7. Personally, I think you have very bad luck. Hoopy. I don't really see you make a lot of mistake, but deaths always find you around the corner for some reason. Doesn't help that we got insane Heavy like Frogg, Spy like Paranoid, Demo like Jimm on the server to discourage the rest of us.
  8. Um, how do I know whether I have a reservation slot or not? Frankly, I would not use it to connect to the server, I've been on a receiving end a few times on other public servers, and it pissed me off. It's nice to have it not to get kicked out, though. I would actually do something productive with my time like watching porn instead.
  9. I hope you sent emails to everyone that does have a reserved slot, I rarely visits the forum... Actually I only posted here twice or something, I wouldn't know if i didn't get bored and clicked here by chance.
  10. Oh man, there are so many fresh meats since it turns F2P. When I'm on the team full of new players, I just want to hang myself. But when they're all on the other team, it's like super deluxe buffet.
  11. I need to brag somewhere, Krug got smashed in the face with a Guitar. http://youtu.be/HVgRdgIkI2s
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