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  1. Ah thanks for the reply! Haha I definitely had fun working on the pitch modulation I appreciate it I'll think I'll try your suggestion as well, I had issues with a good transition at that point
  2. So I I elaborated on a track I produced last year and ended up with something more along the trap genre. http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/pokemon-redblue-theme-trap-mix Lemme know what you think!
  3. Hello guys, sorry if I did another done-to-death track but I really wanted to try this one out as I was heavily inspired by Prototype Raptor's remix. http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/one-winged-carnival-wip I'm still in the process of making it more carnival-y as it's really just the beginning
  4. I sat down to do my college homework and 8 hours later I ended up with this: https://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/pokepic (You'll have to download it to hear it in it's highest quality, Soundcloud apparently compresses things pretty harshly) I'm really liking how it sounds so far, can anyone offer any tips?
  5. Last year I tried remixing this song in more of a rock route http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42676 This time I decided to be a little more true to the original 8-bit style. https://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/comic-bakery-for-real-wip Any tips/suggestions? I feel like the main melody doesn't have enough "soul" not quite sure how to fix that... (Yeah the glitching needs fixing too)
  6. Alright thanks, I'll work on it a bit more tonight, I still got some ideas I wanna try out. Thanks for the input!
  7. This is something I made overnight, I have always wanted to remix this song and I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips/suggestions as this is my first song in this kind of genre. P.S. Yea I know, I kinda failed hard on the solo part https://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/comic-bakery-wip
  8. Hey! I haven't been here in a loooong while but I finally got a new midi keyboard as a gift from Christmas this year and was just experimenting. Haha kinda morbid but I think it sounds end-of-the-worldy like walking into a room finding everyone you know dead. Tips? Criticisms? https://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/12-21#play
  9. Just an original track I made with some quotes from The Avengers...I've only really tried to do a dubstep track only once and I didn't really put any effort in it, so in a way this is my first dubstep track haha I was wondering if people familliar with the genre can give me tips/criticisms. Thx! (: http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/the-avengers-dubstep-remix
  10. I'll go ahead and try what you posted Syllix, but thanks for the input guys
  11. Hey guys, I haven't posted on here in a good long while and I was just wondering if you guys could give some insight on a track I made a few months ago. http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/insidious-v2
  12. I got the idea from someone I knew to remix the song All of the Lights by Kanye West. I never ever attempted a remix before so it's not very remixy...more just like an original with some elements of the song. Feedback? http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/lights-37
  13. Haven't posted a song on here for about a month...but that's because I haven't made a song worth posting for a month lol Anyway here's my new track... http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/dfgdfg-12a Comments?
  14. I spent about a week on this song...you could say it's finished...you could say it still needs work but I think it's pretty good all around. http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/gago-11 Feedback? Suggestions on what to do to make the song longer instead of just fading out on the good part?
  15. Which is exactly what I wanted so thanks for that. Yes Modus you should lol
  16. I agree with you fully actually, that seems to happen to a lot of my songs recently where they start out great but lose their touch later on. I'm working on a song right now and I'll make sure this time it won't happen again lol and I think I will try a key change... and Modus! more like your Untz in my Atari!!
  17. Since Christmas time is here I thought I should remix one of my favorite holiday songs annnnnd here it is. http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/greensleeves
  18. Thx guys! Cy, I wanted a better kick but I had already spent 5-6hrs straight on the song and I just thought that the current one did the job. haha And gwilediel, the reason it sounds 4/4 after 1:55 is because it is 4/4 lol. The reason why I did that is because I wanted some of the original song's flair in there.
  19. So I wanted to try and make a dubstep song so I thought I should remix one of my other tracks...It turns out it's a lot different and harder than I thought. Feedback? http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/evil-uprisng-better-remix-11
  20. 4th thread here and this song might be better than the last. Tell me what you think! http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/no-name-27
  21. Sorry for the mega late reply, Gran Turismo 5 is to blame haha but thanks! I was planning on creating something original and I'm very happy of what turned out!
  22. Hey guys, third thread here...just wanted to know what you guys thought of my first decent original! haha:)!! http://snd.sc/gkXvZA
  23. Yay for originality! Yeah I never got around to fixing that second verse because I already spent so much time on it, finished it, exported it to mp3, put it up on soundcloud, then listened to it...I was just too lazy to do it over haha and I understand what you mean by staccato but whaddya mean by more swing? yeah haha it's so heavily filtered because I have a horrible singing voice. Yeah I feel I accomplished what I was trying to do...I made those lyrics in about 15min and I didn't want too much singing...I think it's a nice balance for my first vocal song. and Thank you I hope to be around for a while =]
  24. I've been makin music for a while now and I just got into putting lyrics into my songs and this is the first song I've ever made with lyrics in it so plz don't be too harsh... http://soundcloud.com/silent-ice/our-forsaken-fate
  25. Sorry for the double post but I just wanted to bump this thread and tell you guys that there's a couple more songs for you guys to dismember and judge!
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