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    Congratulations-- You've managed to find a whole bunch of trouble.

    I like dangerous things, dangerous people, and making music. I'm a fierce writer and cellist, and you can find me lugging my cello around St. Petersburg to explore acoustics of the less-explored. I despise routine and caution, and my three phrases are:
    "Here's something new."
    "That would sound awesome rearranged for Cello." And

    If you don't mind improvisation in your music, your Friday night, and you don't mind cigars or scotch...
    ... we might get along.

    I've done a lot in many places. As always, ambition and curiosity drive me to do more and test some limits. If there are limits.

    Come and hang out with me, my loves, or my poets for a break. Because we all need a break.
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    Nadya Hand
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    US Army - Image analyst.
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    Vocals: Female
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    Cello, Soprano, Alto.
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