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  1. Though I'm not the first to do so, I've joined the site solely because I was so compelled to praise you for this amazing piece of music. It's been on repeat for the past several days, and I still find myself enjoying it ever bit as much as the first time. There's something really evocative about this piece that gets the artist in me thinking in new directions. It's soothing, a little melancholy, and wonderfully pensive. It's become my working music, keeping me going during crunch time in my project development (video game design) class. I have to say that the chord progression you're using here is something I find myself actually favoring OVER the original. Exquisite work, a beautifully reflective piece that is wildly different from its roots without losing sight of them. Gorgeous, reflective, and soothing. ....and I was wondering if you would give me permission to play this song as a background piece for a drawing it inspired (emotionally, since it has nothing to do with zelda)? The picture is on deviantART, and it really needs this song to accompany it to evoke the proper mood. I've compromised by linking to the song itself (on the OC ReMix Youtube vid) and encouraging people to play it while viewing, but it would make me the happiest person on earth if you would grant me permission to embed the song. dA is a stickler for formalities when it comes to copyrighted material. Anyway, even if you decline, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this amazing arrangement, and for the inspiration it's given me.
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