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  1. While browsing through my collection, I found one of my favorite mixes, Mine Cart Misadventure which is labeled under Protricity, but when I checked the site, I couldn't find this remix anywhere. Do you guys have any idea what happened to it?
  2. When I try to dowload music from here, it always dowloads to Windows Media Player which sucks because then I can't put it in iTunes, which means I can't put it in iPod. The only ones that I can put into iTunes are the files included in your torrents. Is there any way I can get individual songs from this site to my iTunes? I can't even burn them onto a CD. Every time I try to, it brings up an error that says, "These songs could not be burned because one or more of the files is not located on the disk," or something along those lines. So until I find a way to get the files to iTunes, all I can do is listen to them on my computer and over my Xbox via Windows Media Center.