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  1. Thank you for the feedback! I detected some kind of deep humming sound at some parts while listening to this again and I think it could be the reverb problem you mentioned and the fact that the drums play all the time. I'll try the filter and see how it sounds like if I remove some of the drums and just edit the beat to suit the melody better. At some point, I thought about adding a small electronic touch to certain parts, because the original song is 8-bit. Other orchestral pieces do this, so maybe I could give it a try? That would certainly add some variety. Making tracks brighter has been my constant problem as a beginner, haha. Adjusting the bass sounds like a good idea. The strings were made with the synths that came with Cubase 7, but I'll see how they would sound like with Dimension Pro and its expansion sets. Kontakt has some awesome orchestral samples as well, but I get to use that only at school. Have to save some money to get my own. Thanks again, you helped me to come up with new ideas for this!
  2. Whew. Yeeears ago, when I started composing, I wanted to remix the Galaxy Man stage theme of Megaman 9. Then, I stopped for some reason and it took some time to become interested again. Now that I'm graduating from a music tech school, I decided to dig this project up and finish it. The melodies are the same and I didn't even add too many extra instruments in order to keep this as nostalgic as possible. Of course the quality is (I hope) lot better. If I have time, I'll record some choirs for this later. Your feedback was and still is very important, hope you enjoy!
  3. Here it is: Skirmish from Arctin, a new artist name I'll use in possible future EPs as well. It's been quite a journey with two cases of flu and all, but it's finally finished. I'd love to get any kind of feedback or reviews. Please enjoy!
  4. Thank you, I will do my best to get rid of this evil cough. You had some beautiful tracks yourself, I really liked them. Keep it up!
  5. I'm working on a four track orchestral EP, hoping to have it finished somewhere at the beginning of March. I'll probably use Bandcamp or other similar site to distribute the completed EP. In the meantime, I've shared the first samples on my Soundcloud and Tumblr page and would like to share them here too. These are tracks #1 and #2 of the EP. I'm still going to use my own vocals to record the choirs for track #2 after I recover from this cursed prolonged flu. So for now, I just used the choirs from Cubase to give the idea. Cover artwork will be done by my partner later and I'll reveal the names for the tracks and the EP after all is finished. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Aimed to compose a rock song and produced a forest theme for a game? Haha, I like that, thank you! Well, my first idea was to make an ending credits songs of a kind, but then I myself didn't think that this could work as such and I put it in the rock category, making it my first. I'll definitely try and compose another rock piece using the tips you've provided. While orchestral VGM is my main thing, I wish to train in other areas as well and everyone's feedback is very much appreciated.
  7. Thanks mate! I aimed it to be more like folk rock song, if you know what I mean, so I'm happy that you too categorized it as such. The school starts soon, so the first thing I'll do is to ask those friends of mine would they want to play with me (there's one good drummer in that group who's input would definitely be welcome). I'm glad that you liked my other stuff too. Thank you!
  8. This is my first attempt to make a rock (or pop?) song by using Cubase. Lyrics are still in progress, so for now, it's an instrumental version. If my friends at school help me out, then maybe one day we will record this with real instruments. Please enjoy.
  9. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
  10. Another song for the soundtrack of a game project my friends are developing. I'm not going to mix it more with my old Cubase, but once I'll get my hands on Logic again, I think it will help me enhance this. Let me know what you think!
  11. Thanks, lowering the velocity in that triple beat made the drums sound better. Yeah this ancient version of Cubase doesn't have good brass sounds at all, it's hard trying to make it sound as good as it would in Logic or newer version (with its free samplers or Kontakt). I'll play more with the EQ, hope that'll work.
  12. Despite the fact that I'm broke and all I have is Cubase 5 until school starts again, I got an inspiration. My partner and his friends are working on a game and although I can't say if it's ever going to be finished, I'm composing some music for it. This is the first version of a dungeon/exploring theme: I've only added some basic EQ, reverb, dynamics etc. I'm still going to adjust levels and add some automation for instance. Please enjoy and feel free to give feedback!
  13. Okay, here's a finished version. It's quite different now that I removed some parts which made it sound like I had tried to fit three songs in one. Plus I erased the intro, because I sounded like the song had two of them. Now don't mind that weird extra violin sound at about 1:39-1:40, where it suddenly like fades in. I didn't hear it before I handed this assignment in, so it is what it is, hah.
  14. I've decided to crawl out of the hole, after almost a year being away, haha. I'm studying in Worcester in England now, music technology, learning to use software and mix. I'm not working on remixes now because of the huge amount of schoolwork, but I thought I could share the work I've produced at school at least. This is the first original composition I've finished (almost). We had to use drum samples our group recorded and individually edited. I'm going to do the final adjustments on Wednesday with my teacher (check the levels and such), so I'll upload the final version of the song again after that. Plus if you've got some ideas, then of course I'm going to try them before handing this in on the next week. The rest of the stuff on my Soundcloud are jingles created for a radio school assignment, feel free to comment those too if you like.
  15. Well it really seems now that whenever my Cubase is open and I play the song from the winamp, it makes that sound. As soon as I close Cubase, it's fine. But still, when I play the song in Cubase, it keeps jamming. And after exporting and then trying to close Cubase, it crashes. I'm really starting to think this is all because on my laptop. But still have to check those things you kind people mentioned. This is the reason I'm starting my studies in music technology in Worcester... Oh dear me.