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  1. i am thinking about starting to do a series of mix cds based on a theme. i have found so much grate music on here and while playing super mario world on the super famicom the other day had an idea to make a mix. obviously the first one is mario themed. i started hunting down songs with a similar style to deadmau5, tiesto, dj shadow, and the like. this is what i have so far: super mario world: koopa vs kefka super mariocean turning terrors monstrous turtles! <- main song that inspired me the most super mario rpg: last night a dj kidnapped mallow leafcutter super mario galaxy: meteorites and rabbits super mario bros.: dirty mix super mario bros 3: pipes aquacadence super mario 64: the alternate route pearl song <- personal favorite devastation's doorway liquid mario this is only an idea at this point and i haven't sat down and planed anything out yet. i do know one thing though, i will only release it to you all here on oc remix only. i am 100% open to any feedback and suggestions for this. please pm me and let me know what you think. i am trying to go for a deadmau5 and tiesto style on this as that is the style i am used to from djing at the clubs. i apologize if this is posted in the wrong place
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