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  1. Thanks for the reply, Rockos. I'm glad you like the glitchy parts, because I enjoyed making them. Hopefully I'll have something new to show you guys soon. Unfortunately I got hit with the writers block stick. XD
  2. Oh, okay! Yeah, I know what that is now! I've used that a lot before and never knew the name of it. Yes, I used a low pass filter and gradually turned up the cuttoff freq of the bass. Awesome! Thanks! Yes, it is! Thank you very much!
  3. Thank you for replying Lidawg, you're like my new best friend on here, haha. I'm glad you like what I've made so far, that means a lot to me. I'm still sort of newish to making music, after all. Could you explain a little more by what you mean? I don't quite understand, sorry. I don't even know what this means, haha. Like I said, I still don't understand some things about music. I've just been kind of messing around to achieve what I have. I completely understand! Do you know of any songs that resemble this style (I don't even know what it would be categorized as, haha) that I could listen to? I'd love to have some inspirational help. I'll see what I can do! Haha, thank you very much! I really appreciate you helping me out again! <3
  4. UPDATE! Finally got a name for it and updated some things! If you take a listen, please reply with some feedback. It doesn't have to be long or indepth, I would just really appreciate some feedback! (I need it!)
  5. Had to upload it to a different site. I haven't been able to work on this recently, but I will be able to soon. I'd love to get some more feedback before I jump back into this! Thanks!
  6. Thank you! I actually did what you said and added the sweep down right after the main lead. It sounds better already!
  7. I actually wanted to add a little dubstep to the breakdown at the end, but I need to work on a good sound for it first. That's why the beat is slower there, haha. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and reply!
  8. Thank you! Yeah, the structure isn't final. It was just the order I was creating all of the different parts in and didn't want to move anything until I had more ideas. I tried to take away some of the reverb from the drums and synths, so let me know what more needs to be adjusted. In this next version I'm uploading (v3), I took away that last third step part. It's not gone for good, I just took it away to render this version. I kind of added a little break like you suggested, but in a different way. Again, tell me what does and doesn't work. I really appreciate you giving my song a listen and replying! <3
  9. Updated the song a bit. Still no EQ. The song structure probably won't stay, this is just how I've been adding everything, haha.
  10. UPDATE! I finally decided on a name for it! Slumdog Oppression! If you take a listen, please reply with some feedback. It doesn't have to be long, indepth, or more than two words, I would just really appreciate some feedback! (I need it!) I've updated and re-arranged a few things, although there's still no EQ yet. This still has a ways to go, so I'm still looking for feedback! Thank you! Source - Remix - http://soundcloud.com/uuemaich/slumdog-oppression - V4 Thanks for listening!
  11. Thanks guys. Exactly what I was looking for. Like I said, this is still new and I'm going to change a LOT of what's already here. I really appreciate the help.
  12. Hey guys! So I wanted to do a remix of a song not yet posted on this site, and I decided to do the Password Entry music from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. As of now, the name of my song is The Secret of the Beans. A quirky name, if anything. So far, it's not really more than what the actual song is. Right now I'm just laying down the basics. More variation and original work to come in later. Please do keep in mind that this is a work in progress and there's still a LOT I want to do with this. Anyways, leave criticism, comments, feedback, something you think I should add, etc. I want all the help I can get with this. Oh, and don't worry about trying to be nice. If you think something sucks, let me know. Here's the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx56HzrNLVI Here's my remix (WIP V1):
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