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  1. Thanks a lot ! I'm being busy with college atm, but I'll try to work on it again as soon as I can.
  2. I've just uploaded the second track of the project, . Enjoy !
  3. Hello all. From times to times I try to work on solo instrument arrangements, so why not posting them here ? "Because no one wants to hear them ! =_=" Wait, wait ! Here they are [this playlist also features some song remixes, but that's not the topic x]. I'm not myself a pianist, but a guitarist. For now I totally lack of experience when it comes to the left hand's part writing. So if you have any advice or suggestion, I'd be glad to hear them. =3 Thanks in advance !
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on it ! For the song itself, the hardest part was trying to find a way to bring a new version of the theme, yet staying close enough to it. But generally speaking, I'm always having a hard time mixing my final versions x]. Do you have any VST plugins you'd recommand me ? For acoustic instruments, I currently use EastWest and/or Garritan Instruments.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Ah, it may be peaking at times... I've worked hard on it this time though, but I still have troubles with mixing and masterising properly. x] Also, I only used a part of the main melody of "Somnus", a song featured in the trailer of FFvsXIII, and I wrote everything else around it. Shimomura's style [Kingdom Hearts series] is pretty epic when it comes to battle themes, and I just imagined it as a battle theme in general, not thinking about it being a boss/normal, etc. But I'll be careful about not "exaggerating" when it comes to normal battles next time ! =3 More importantly, I'll try to work on my own battle theme style. x]
  6. Like the title says, comes a remix of the song.Everything is synthetized but the guitar parts. Enjoy !
  7. Hi there ! 's a ska remix of the Chocobo Theme.Enjoy !
  8. Hi all, it's my first post here ! I've been writing music for years now, however I've just opened my YouTube account. Here's my latest original work, a for the yet-to-come Final Fantasy Versus XIII.Any comment, suggestion ? That'd help greatly. =3 Thanks in advance ! Oh, and if you like my music, please subscribe. =3
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