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    I never know what to put in these boxes, so I'm going to try the truth.
    I grew up in a harsh urban environment and, in an attempt to escape, lived a very nomadic life for about a decade. I've found myself in Virginia and I've decided to stay and make this area my permanent home. These days I've committed myself to developing different business ideas that will positively impact my community.
    And through it all, music and video games has been the only constant in my life, and so my fun time is committed to those two things. I really don't do anything else besides work, business, music, and video games...probably in that order too!


    I recently started taking my music a little more seriously and have started to do remixes which I put on youtube so check those out (I'm user VABrew)
    Also, I've purchased a domain and will start adding content to that website as well.
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    Stephan Henley

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    FL Studio
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
    Mixing & Mastering
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    Vocals: Male
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    Baritone horn

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  1. voted on your thing. they asked for my phone number to register :o

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