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  1. Losing My Virginity This is a pornstep song I made while drunk for the OHC but started it late and didn't submit it cuz I wanted to finish it. I think it turned out pretty damn good. Let me know what you think!
  2. That google comic inspired me to make this. just thought I'd share it. Let me know what you think! Running Thru Mushroom Forest
  3. Actually, KM I purposefully didn't alter the main melody. Because it's perfect. Now during the bridge, I added a counter melody in the flute, but I guess you didn't hear that. Ask for "more focus on the mixing" I'm going to need you to elaborate a little. I used several techniques to get the song the way I wanted, such as automating the volume level, apply parametric eq effects, compression, and multiple filters. So, I'm not sure what you mean dude.
  4. I know this song has been remixed a million ways, but a friend asked me to do a hip-hopesqe remix and I obliged. Figured I might as well post it up here. Tell me what you guys think. terraredux
  5. SUGGESTIONS ARE AWESOME! Thank you guys. I'll get to work on using the EQ to thin out the mid range a bit and phatten up the bass. TheRexAsaurous, I can take out the hey listen if you'd like. I personally like Navi tho I uploaded the first version of the song (which doesn't have "HEY LISTEN" in it and is less mastered) to soundcloud so here's that link: soundcloud version And I'm going to tweak this and hopefully have a updated version and then post that link. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  6. Thinking about submitting this one. Yea or nae? What do you guys think? Link: ZELDA'S DUBSTEP LULLABY
  7. Cyclone - Baby Bash....I didn't know who sung this song until right now... THANKS PANDORA!!
  8. voted on your thing. they asked for my phone number to register :o

  9. Hey, thanks guys! I appreciate the help and the feedback! And, FYI that's me. That clip and the clip of me drinking a pitcher of beer was my director/producer guest cameo
  10. So me and some friends entered a contest to make a jingle for a pizza restaurant and my entry is currently in third place. Because I don't have tiger blood like Charlie Sheen, I didn't expect it to do this well. But since it is, I'm thinking that if I got a little help from you guys, I could get first place. I'm begging you guys to help me out and go to this link and vote for my song: Mellow Mushroom Blues by vabrew And if you don't want to vote for my song, you can just give me feedback on the song. And if you don't want to give me feedback, you can just mute your computer and watch it to see a cute asian walking at various camera angles.
  11. If you are pursuing a career in music you have to decide if you are going to focus on music performance or music creation. Either way, you'll be doing both, but deciding which you want to be your bread and butter will give you a clear path to take (as clear as a music career path can be). If you want to perform then expect lots of gigs, touring, and generally NOT being in the studio (whether it's in your home or elsewhere). If you want to create music then you'll be in the studio...a lot...probably too much. Either way, the importance of networking cannot be stressed enough. I'm pretty sure everybody on this site can produce a better song than the disasters of Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Black, but if nobody knows who you are, it doesn't matter. Networking increases your sphere of influence, your potential fanbase, the resources that are available to you, and a bunch of intangible things as well (like luck). One other thing I'll say is that outside of performing, music is usually something that is done behind the scenes (meaning it's made to accompany something else 9 times outta 10). I say that to drive home the point that a career in music requires you to think outside the box. You won't find ads in the paper requesting the aid of a producer to write a companies new jingle or that song that's playing during a commercial. Well, you might, but it won't be often and the competition is going to be fierce. You've got to get yourself out there, CREATE work for you to do (whether that's setting up gigs or literally writing songs), make sure people know who you are, and then people will seek you out....maybe. That's my two cents, hope that helps a little.
  12. Wait what!? Today's the day the world is supposed to end you say!?
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