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  1. ...Whoa.

    ...Just whoa.

    Hell yeah. Now this is absolutely amazing. It takes a special kind of ReMix to get me to post a review, and this easily gets put into that group.

    Bloody amazing jazz take on the classic DKC track. I thought bLiNd and McVaffe had already perfected this song with their ReMixes, and now they're playing second fiddle to this. This is going into the rotation, immediately after I play it a couple dozen times on loop...

  2. Wow... Consider me blown away. I'd tend to agree with Protricity; purely on a technical basis, this is one of the best songs on the site by a long shot. The lyrics, although they didn't have to have as much profanity, are very well done, and unless you're INCREDIBLY uptight, shouldn't offend at all. There's nothing in there that you can't potentially hear in a PG-13 movie.

    Overall, this one's going in the regular rotation. It's nice to see more ReMixes with vocals, and this one delivers in spades. *Sets this on loop.*

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