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  1. ...Whoa. ...Just whoa. Hell yeah. Now this is absolutely amazing. It takes a special kind of ReMix to get me to post a review, and this easily gets put into that group. Bloody amazing jazz take on the classic DKC track. I thought bLiNd and McVaffe had already perfected this song with their ReMixes, and now they're playing second fiddle to this. This is going into the rotation, immediately after I play it a couple dozen times on loop...
  2. Kakariko Village is one of my favorite game tunes. And the intro, like the one in Mega Man 3's Needles, is good enough that it doesn't get on my nerves, no matter how many times I hear it. Definitely good enough to earn a place in the rotation.
  3. Whoa. Good stuff. My favorite part was the little bit of thunder at about 4'30". Perfect sample; I actually thought it started storming outside.
  4. This is solid stuff. I welcome any SoR ReMix with open arms, and this is a nice addition to the stable of them. Any lack of originality in the overall arrangement is balanced by the pure energy and enjoyment that can be gotten from the song. Well worth the download.
  5. As far as I can tell, the bassline is Mazedude's own work. Man... I must've played this game through about 50 times when I was a wee lad. One thing that never got old was the music. This does the original justice. Well done, Mazedude. Well worth the download.
  6. Wow... Consider me blown away. I'd tend to agree with Protricity; purely on a technical basis, this is one of the best songs on the site by a long shot. The lyrics, although they didn't have to have as much profanity, are very well done, and unless you're INCREDIBLY uptight, shouldn't offend at all. There's nothing in there that you can't potentially hear in a PG-13 movie. Overall, this one's going in the regular rotation. It's nice to see more ReMixes with vocals, and this one delivers in spades. *Sets this on loop.*
  7. I'm duly impressed. Although I do see the qualms with the vocals at the end, the whole piece feels like a serious improvement over Tororian Love Song. Well done silent. I look forward to more.
  8. Ooh... I kinda like the original that was posted, but the remaster is loads better. The drums are a smidge too high in the remaster (using my default EQ settings), but was easily fixed with a quick change to the low end. Overall, though, I like the piece a lot, and I'm always a fan of massive guitar insanity. Keep up the work.
  9. That would rock. MM6 has one of my favorite NES soundtracks.
  10. Wow. Just wow. Rarely do I like a song this much on the first listen. And although I agree the bass could be turned down a LITTLE, it's still a high-quality piece that everyone should download. *Sets it to loop.*
  11. Nice! I love the Captain Tsubasa series (which Tecmo Cup is a part of), and this turns one of my favorite NES tunes into something I can dance to. Excellent job Rayza, and thanks to Kain's Shadow for requesting it!
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