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  1. Thanks for the comments, guys! Rozovian - yeah, you're right, the piano in All for You could stand to be a bit more humanized. I'm still getting the hang of sequencing piano. It's probably better if I just attempt to play it, and correct as necessary. Unfortunately, I suffer the fate of "stupid fingers". As for Polychromatic, I've been sitting on this one for well over a year, and I've heard it so many times that I've gotten used to how it sounds. But yeah, the clap definitely stands out, the bass drum fade in seems like it might be a little off, and the pads are definitely on the slow side. On this one, I think I was more concerned with the atmosphere than the structure, and perhaps it suffered slightly for it. Regarding the dynamic range, I think I might be misusing my multiband compressor plugin. Anyway, I'm off to Tokyo for 3 months, (and I'm not sure if I should revise the one I already submitted while it's in the queue), but as time permits, I'll revisit these tracks and see what happens.
  2. Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting in quite some time... I think I submitted something under a different user name something like 7 or 8 years ago, but I'm not 100% sure. In any case, I've got a pair of Mega Man mixes I'd like some feedback on. I've marked them as finished (and indeed, I've submitted one, before I remembered this forum was here), but I'd definitely appreciate some feedback. The mixes are: Polychromatic Fields (Mega Man ZX Area A Green Grasss Gradation Remix) (submitted) http://ekinomori.com/samples/Polychromatic Fields.mp3 All for You (Mega Man 3 Password Remix) http://ekinomori.com/samples/All for You.mp3 They're of rather different styles, the first being electronic, and the 2nd being largely acoustic. I had originally envisioned the 2nd one as including possibly horns and vocals instead of the electric piano, but then I'd have to write lyrics and sing, and trust me, nobody wants that. Thanks!
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