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    Just a random girl... :3

    I'm quite fond of anime & video games, but my real passion is for music. I'll never get tired of singing <3
    I hope to be a professional singer one day, really. Along with being a voice actress for animes or games :D

    There's a lot more to know about me, but for that, you just have to talk to me. ;D
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  1. Hello:)

    Thanks for replying to my post. I was on break for the last bit of summer. Hope you had a good summer.

    I'd like to hear some of your stuff. I do have a lot of songs that I'm working on that don't have vocals, I can't sing too well myself. I play guitar and like to edit and produce. I just posted this one on my youtube channel

    So you can msg me through there or you could also reach me at

    Look forward to hearing from you, take care