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  1. Not sure if you got it, but I sent you an email lol (: Easier to contact me that way; I keep forgetting to check here lol!

  2. Oh man, I didn't even see your comment until just now Dx I hope it's not too late, because I'd love to help you out O:

    And thank you x3

  3. Female singer, at your services~ I'd tell you what my vocal range is, but I'm really not that sure. I can sing most soprano music (though not the REALLY high stuff >.<), and alto stuff.
  4. Well, if anyone needs a female vocalist's help with their pieces, I'm willing to help x: For examples of what I can do, just check around my YouTube: (Please note that I'm quite capable of doing other types of music; not just what's there ) As for having a fancy schmancy site, if suits you alright, I can probably whip something up for you Here's a link to something I made with webs: Unfortunately I'm no composer, advertiser or instrumentalist, so there's not much more I could do to help :/ But, if what I can do doesn't help anyone much, then I can at least wish you guys luck with your project!
  5. Awz, I wanted to enter, but school decided to screw me over and I never had enough time to make a vid T-T
  6. The song is called My Christmas List, and is by Simple Plan. I'll include a link to a YouTube video later in this post. I had auditioned for a Christmas-themed talent show at my school, and actually made it! Yay! The only problem is, this is the song I want to sing, but there's no karaoke version of it I tried making one in Audacity, but the quality was TERRIBLE! >.< So I was really hoping someone could make can just be made with, say, Adobe Audition or something like that; no need to go record yourself playing it or something. I need it like, ASAP. Preferably tomorrow or Wednesday...I'm so very sorry for the rush >.< Anyone who can do this will have TONS of gratitude from me D: Anyway, here's the song:
  7. *poke*

    Are you ever going to respond? lol

    You can send me a message when I'm not online, y'know. I'm in and out of every website I'm on xD

  8. Oooooh, it's very interesting o:

  9. Well I don't have much experience with lyrics - just Japanese fandubs x= As for vocal-work, I can definately do that However the quality...I can't make any promises ): It depends on whether or not my good mic decides to work, or if I can get someone to let me borrow one. @.@ Anyway, I can give it my best try, if you don't mind allowing an amateur to take care of it
  10. I wish I could mike GIFs >.< A good friend of mine made my sig for me, lol, I love it xD

    Heh, I would be posting more, but since I joined I've been loaded down with homework @.@

    But now that the weekend's here, I can check everything out. :D

  11. Hi o.o

    I see you in almost every thread I visit, lol xD Your sig always catches my eye!

  12. Well, I can certainly give it my best try! As for how the quality turns out, I can't really make any promises... =x

    What song are you thinking of?

  13. Hey! I saw your post in the Hylian Melodies thread, and checked out your music due to curiosity. Thought I'd stop by and say that you're really good! Definitely keep it up =D

  14. That sounds like a good idea to me! I was considering using that track to make a video with anyway, just because it was so awesome Also: Best man...or girl ;P lol
  15. Hello there n_n

    I'm not too sure if this is still needed, but I saw your post in the forums. Something about needing a female vocalist?

    I'd love to help out if you still need someone (:

  16. o.o If you haven't already decided on who you want to help, I could give it a shot n_n I use both Windows Movie Maker, and Sony Vegas 7.0. Best AMVs with WMM: & (Please keep in mind that WMM has epic fail quality, so it messed up a few things in both of those... >_>;; ) And my only 2 vids made with Vegas so far: &, both are short...the first is a Beta, and the second was made for a contest on another website (I was very iffy on adding that one...but, the editing is still there, so I said "why not?") (I just realized that 3/4 of my vids are from the same thing... o-o; wow xD)
  17. Oooh, this looks sooo great...I wish I could join, but I don't know much about remixing yet >.< Would anybody like to add lyrics to their mix? I'll sing 'em, and/or help write them! xD
  18. Ohh, haha, tis what I get for scanning as opposed to actually reading, lol

    Thanks! ^-^

  19. Ahh, alrighty then n_n thanks for clearing that up! But, is a DeviantArt link alright? Upon winning the fight with DA and getting it copied & pasted, I noticed that it's incredibly long... o-o
  20. Umm, hi n_n;

    Seeing as how I'm incredibly new, I have no clue how CMCs work...I was just wondering if the entries had to be original compositions, or if they could be remixes, or something along those lines?

    Sorry if this seems to be a very silly question n_n;

  21. Waitwha? I thought as long as it was written in the timeframe of the contest entry dates (AKA September 1st - 30th) it was fine...and I just said I wrote it about a week ago O.o Someone wanna explain to me the rule I apparently missed? o.O EDIT - Ohwait, I just saw the thing about putting it on FictionPress or Google Docs...I guess I should go back and fight with DeviantArt then since I don't have a FP, and Google Docs ALWAYS wants to fight with me...xD
  22. Ooh, writing contests, yey o: Since I'm too lazy to write a new story, I'll just use something I wrote about a week ago x3 And since DeviantArt keeps wanting to fight with me when I try to copy and paste it, I'm just posting a link the the stupid thing >_>;; :3 EDIT: Ahh, I finally got my comp to work with me x3 Anyway, here it is~! "Silence..." It was just an average day . . . The girl sat in front of her laptop, pondering what she would write. Glaring at the stack of papers beside her, she finally sighed and decided to take a break from the insane amount of homework she'd been given to go get a drink and socialize with her family. She reminded herself that her cousins were visiting for the first time in a while, and that it would only be polite to talk to them, if only for a minute. With that thought in mind, she turned off her music, grabbed the empty glass that had been sitting, unfilled, on her nightstand for at least an hour, and headed toward the door. It was then that she heard it. The crash. The screams. She swore she heard her mother's voice, yelling her name - "Karin!" She stopped short. If she just ran out that door blindly, all that could happen as a result would be disaster. No, if she was going to help her family, she had to be ready. She ran over, throwing the empty glass aside, to her nightstand and opened the drawer. After shoving some miscellaneous items aside, she found a small gun - a .22 magnum mini revolver. She also reached into her purse and grabbed a small pocket mirror before going to her door, turning out the lights, and slowly opening her door. She held the mirror so that she could see down the hall into the living room without putting herself in plain sight. Slowly, she crept down the hall, keeping herself in the shadows, and always checking in the mirror before moving further. Finally, she reached the end of the hall - she pressed herself against the corner of the loveseat and waited, watching the kitchen door to her left, and the mirror that reflected everything to her right. She noticed a shadow on the wall in the kitchen. Taking one last look at her mirror, she took two leaps before she was in the kitchen doorway, her gun aimed and ready to fire. But nobody was there. That was when she realized that everyone was gone. Her mother. Her father. Her aunt, uncle, cousins. Everyone. Gone. And yet, having thrown herself into plain sight, she felt not only alone, but incredibly vulnerable. The feeling that she was being watched simply would not go away. She turned and carefully walked back. She checked in every room, every hallway - she even checked the closets, despite the fact that every single one in the house was so packed that even a baby's toy couldn't fit in there. But still, she found nothing. And still, the uneasy feeling would not leave her. She was scared. Scared of being alone. Scared of being watched. Scared to leave her house, lest someone be waiting for her there . . . She ran to the phone and began to dial. Out of habit, her fingers flew not to 911, but to her best friend's phone number. Instead of a cheery "Hello?" that usually came, she got a mechanical voice telling her that she had reached her friend's voicemail. She immediately hung up and dialed 9-1-1. And yet, the phone kept ringing. And ringing . . . And ringing . . . Until finally it clicked. Followed by a dial tone. And a voice. "There's nobody . . ." She immediately dropped the phone and ran. All sense of logic left her, and she flung the front door open and ran, as fast as she could. She had to find somebody - anybody - to free her from this horror story gone real. She passed many houses. Usually, there would be children out playing. Old ladies out gardening. Middle-aged men cutting the grass, or even teenagers forced to cut the grass. But not now. Everybody was gone. What was that? She stopped, jerking her head to her right. Once again, she saw a shadow moving across the wall of one of the houses, as though somebody was running between it and the one next to it. Out of desperation, she began to follow this unknown person, but was once again met by nobody. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you . . ?" The voice made her stop short. She wanted to turn and look at whoever had spoken, but she found herself frozen in terror. That hadn't been said by another who had simply taken pity on her . . . But by someone who had been watching her every move all this time, for his own sick amusement. "It's too bad . . . They all died, didn't they? And now you'll die, too . . ." She wanted to run. She knew she should run. Her mind told her to run. But her legs refused to listen. There she stood, frozen in place, while being told that she was going to die. She heard footsteps behind her, and still she could not run. She felt a face next to hers, and still, she couldn't move. Finally, she felt air - someone's breath? No, far too cold to be that . . . - brush against her ear. "Look that way . . ." A scrawny finger pointed down a previously darkened space between two other houses. What she saw caused her eyes to grow wide with horror. She felt sick to her stomach, and that the last bit of her mental sanity had left her. Except for one thing. She remembered how to move. She immediately turned, but whoever had been behind her before was gone. Instead she was met by another image, this one just as gruesome as the one before. She lost the grip in her hand, and the gun she had been holding all this time fell to the ground. She heard it all. The click. The bang! Her own scream. How had it happened? There was no way . . . The force of the impact couldn't have been great enough to cause the gun to go off . . . And how could its aim have been so precise . . ? The world became dark . . . All she could hear was laughter . . . Quiet, accomplished laughter . . . *** *** *** *** *** Karin's eyes snapped open. Through her door, she could hear laughter, and talking in the loud voices that had become known as a family trait. She immediately ran to her window, where the old lady across the street was pulling weeds from her flower bed. A child on a bike rode by, and everything seemed normal. Was all of that . . . Just a dream? It had seemed so real. The terror . . . The pain . . . The loneliness . . . She let her curtain fall back before sitting on the edge of her bed and thinking. Lost in thought, she didn't even notice the sounds from the other part of her house disappearing . . . Only one thing jogged her attention away from her thoughts . . . A single voice . . . "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you . . ?" PS - Just throwing this out there before I get a bunch of accusations - this story was written at around 4AM, and I took the line "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you..?" from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, for lack of ability to think of anything better. xD EDIT 2 - holy crap, this thing's longer than I thought O.o
  23. Dude, I gotta say, I looooove your signature O:

  24. Hello everyone! n_n Bakuri here~ I've always had a passion for music~ More specifically, singing. My main difficulty comes in the form of lacking a decent microphone...stupid lack of money! >.< lol I've practiced my lyric-writing skills in the form of writing English fandubs of anime openings, but even that skill hasn't been honed yet. I hope to be able to write lyrics out of the blue one day, though. There are a few BGMs I'd like to try and vocalize after hearing a Nico Nico Chorus of "Thank You For Being Born" from Umineko, as well as others. If anyone's willing to give a newbie a chance to practice lyric-writing, I'm your girl! n_n; And if you need a female singer, definitely let me know! I LOOOOOVE singing!