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  1. Yeah... I thought of something like that too, where people would just rank order the 3 mixes and then the top 2 would move on. It's an interesting idea that I think could work. On the other hand, I'd rather keep things simple, since mixing two themes together can be tough enough, mixing three would make it a little more difficult. Plus then the 2 people that moved on, would be remixing their same two themes together again (unless I randomized the next round match-ups). All of these alternative options just add to the complexity.

    Any reason why the top 2? With just the top, you wouldn't need an extra round and the competitors wouldn't need to mix the same sources twice.

    For the mixing, it could be determined by taking the 3 competitors in a match, then flipping a coin to decide whether to take the 2nd source from above or below.

    For example:

    FLIP - Heads (above)

    ladyWildfire - 1st: Aqua Planet, 2nd: Oil Ocean

    Syllix - 1st: Angel Island, 2nd: Aqua Planet

    halc - 1st: Oil Ocean, 2nd: Angel Island

  2. Really excited for this competition, lots of good remixers and picks all around. Also glad to see PC Launch Base as a pick (even if it's a 4th).

    If I were any good at remixing I would've loved to join (especially with Yoshi's Island Zone being valid and unpicked, and since I happened to be lurking while slots were open). Oh well. Best of luck to everybody!

    Oh my... that'd be crazy... I don't know if we'd get 64, but we might be able to do a 48 person seeded bracket. We'd basically have two rounds of 16 for both brackets doing it this way. I'd have to randomly seed people to determine who the 16 people would be that'd get the first round off. That'd be the only fair way to do it.

    Another possibility is having the first round be a 3-way match. The competition would take no additional time and allow for 48 competitors without requiring more from them. It would also reduce the probability of advancing by default on the first round, especially since first round drop-outs were pretty common before.

  3. I ripped the sound effect from the original audio. I searched everywhere and I have no idea where else you can find it. The only way I could get it was to download the song and rip the go sound effect using Edison.



    Hope you find a use for it!

    Edit: if I figure out how to get a better version, I'll be sure to tell you.

    Uh... I already posted a good version of it on the last page.

  4. These songs are, quite amazing.

    It's a little bit like, us (maybe).

    We're on opposite ends, of this bracket.

    And I'll say like I think, and you can watch me rap it.

    Yo, Amphibious' remix, it's pretty chillin'

    My opinion on things, Hak's more my liking

    I'm all for Proxigean Tide, Magellanic

    But Pandemonium's hooked me (dang it)

    I mean, Justin, what's the deal with not showing?

    Now Rex wins going against nothing

    Tried to like to Quadrant, it's just too muddy

    Liquid Hot Magma, dig your melody

    Sayin' Belmont's is great is an understatement

    No Jakesnke, I didn't vote for Chaotic, not bein' cruel

    (Main Finger's is just really cool)

    Odyssey, the PRESH-SHAH is pumpin' I'd wager

    And Trash FM's got a bit of swagger

    Great, most songs submited in time.

    Now it's time to make mine.

    Yo, yo, Pandemonium, I'm hooked on Pandemonium

    Rexy's is plenty rad

    Dusk's is kinda loud

    Hero's is pretty grand

    And Pixel's is... round?

    ...If I remix as well as I rap, I'm in serious trouble. :sad:

  5. I'm gonna smother you with awesomeness like a pancake wrapping around a lizard, heavenly ecstasy until you realize you're dead from suffocation and/or being squished.

    Been gone for 14 pages, come back to see Brandon got lizards in my Sonic and I'm now a pancake. 8O

    Almost wish the competition were started a couple weeks later though, I would've loved to to have Sylvania Castle for my pick.

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