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  1. Any reason why the top 2? With just the top, you wouldn't need an extra round and the competitors wouldn't need to mix the same sources twice. For the mixing, it could be determined by taking the 3 competitors in a match, then flipping a coin to decide whether to take the 2nd source from above or below. For example: FLIP - Heads (above) ladyWildfire - 1st: Aqua Planet, 2nd: Oil Ocean Syllix - 1st: Angel Island, 2nd: Aqua Planet halc - 1st: Oil Ocean, 2nd: Angel Island
  2. Really excited for this competition, lots of good remixers and picks all around. Also glad to see PC Launch Base as a pick (even if it's a 4th). If I were any good at remixing I would've loved to join (especially with Yoshi's Island Zone being valid and unpicked, and since I happened to be lurking while slots were open). Oh well. Best of luck to everybody! Another possibility is having the first round be a 3-way match. The competition would take no additional time and allow for 48 competitors without requiring more from them. It would also reduce the probability of advancing by default on the first round, especially since first round drop-outs were pretty common before.
  3. Welp, I've been so busy throughout the week and weekend that I haven't had any time to even start my remix. Sorry.
  4. Good luck to everyone, and if anyone might need resources like midis (except Optic Sunflower, looked everywhere and couldn't find any) let me know and I'll see what I can get.
  5. Wow. I actually lost Optic Sunflower. Didn't expect that.
  6. Ah, screw it. I should be able to put together something decent. My picks: 1. Optic Sunflower - X8 2. Vanishing Gungaroo - X7 3. Web Spider - X4 4. Crush Crawfish - X3 5. Wheel Gator - X2
  7. Wow, all that's missing is Cyber Peacock and Vanishing Gungaroo and all my favorite stage themes will be represented in this competition. I'd love to join in, but I've not gotten any better at remixing since the Sonic competition and don't think I have enough free time for this one.
  8. Ack, missed voting in the last two rounds! Oh well. Congratulations Gario, you're top pancake! Now go and get that lizard!
  9. (from the reviews) Pre-crash version was entirely different, Gates vs. Robotnik is it's own track thrown together in 3 and a half hours this morning.I was originally attempting an orchestral remix before it crashed on me.
  10. Aw, that's a shame. I was really looking forward to their remixes.
  11. Alright, got close enough of a remix for submission. It's very rough, but at least it's something. I'll be submitting shortly.
  12. Welp. Last night, I started to get some progress on my track, then FL crashed and I hadn't saved. It'd take too long now to make what I wanted, so I got 4 and a half hours to come up with something different...
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