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    Like pretty much every folk here, nesting a passion about composing music, I grew up cradled by mostly japanese RPGs and was able to bathe in their musical sensitivity through the ages. The sheer brillance of some of the soundtracks enticed me to start reading books about music theory, and after a few years of self teaching, here I am trying to hand back some soul soothing compositions that I try to make stand as a crystalisation of my passive musical education.
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    Jonathan Le Corre
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    Student in foreign languages

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    Acoustic Guitar
  1. Breathtaking complexity of rhythyms! I'm diggin it!
  2. Hi guys! New here, amazed by the quality of OCremixers out there! Some people are so talented... Anyways! I wanted to share a project I have been working on for a month or so, which consists in writing alternate melodies and ambient phrases to accompany the mmo FFXIV, whose beautiful areas provided me with some inspiration (hopefully). I'd like to share it as I'm relatively new at composing and am therefore craving for some mentorship, technically just as much as artiscally speaking! Just one word about those, they are pretty spread out in rhythym, insofar as taking into account the scope of a MMO, it had to be somewhat slow-paced so not to get too tiresome over time. Which is why it may feel a little empty sometimes. Some of the feedback I got from some people is it's nicely suited as background while doing homework or such Cheers and thanks for listening:)! Feedback much much appreciated! Here we go! --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/dimlit-village-gridania --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/receding-shadows-the-black-shroud --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/deserted-glory-uldah --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/a-journey-shrouded-in-dust-thanalan --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/born-from-the-sea-limsa-lominsa --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/what-lies-yonder-coerthas --> http://soundcloud.com/feinoko/sky-burial-mor-dhona