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  1. man i love jazzsteppa, taylor rain is awesome, but these are the best in the business, therefore extremely hard to imitate their styles, cheers for the kind words before though! The majority of the people that like my other zelda remix are from the usa, who enjoy the wobwobwobwob stuff, so i thought its best to satisfy the audience! but i admit, my weakness in production is mastering, i haven't read up on it, only taught myself through trial and error! but im taking all the constructive criticisms on board, thanks! also, what does ice cap mean??
  2. Hi, i've just finished a gerudo valley remix which i reckon youll all enjoy, but feedback is important because it helps/encourages me!! Gerudo Valley Remix - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67H1dPaCAbA I've done a song of storms dubstep remix in the past too, which can be found on my soundcloud along with the download for gerudo valley -> http://www.soundcloud.com/lukeraith
  3. yeah i should of mentioned, this is the first remix/produced piece of work by me ever, i didnt know how to make a proper bassline, and none of it is eq'ed! i should really make an updated version
  4. yo!! I did this a while back, but id like to have some nice feedback from the pure zelda lovers!! if you don't like dubstep, i dont expect you to like my remix so no need for nasty comments! thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmGT3Z1Pav4
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