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  1. LOL, Nice!

    I was super excited to be featured in Mass Effect with Jack Wall. There are a few other tracks/artists in the game that most don't know about:

    1. Saki Kaskas - Callista (Upper Afterlife)

    2. Jesse James Allen (That's Me) - LoFi Epic - The Techno Madness Mix (Lower Afterlife) :)

    3. John Morgan - Happiness (Dark Star Lounge)

    4. Comaduster - To Hide To Seek (Eternity Bar)

  2. I stumbled upon your forum recently and I just wanted to say it's so cool to see a whole community in support of video game music. Thanks for giving us composers some support :)

    I have worked on sound and music for 32 games for Electronic Arts/Bioware.

    Feel free to check out some of my tracks made from the original master recordings:


    more info on me at:



    - Jesse James

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