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  1. Wow. This is some really good stuff. "Above All", "From Light to Darkness", and "Heroes" all send me spinning a bit. I've just started getting into the mixing myself...and I thought I was doing pretty well. I'm not anywhere close to this good though. You definitely shouldn't sell yourself short with things like these to back you up.
  2. Hey there folks. I was hoping I could get a bit of an assessment on this piece I've been working on. And here it is: http://soundcloud.com/times-orphan/tactical-persuasion-v3 For those interested, here's a bit of background rundown. I've been conscripted by a couple of friends to do some music for a CompSci project they're working on (their semester project, which is to make a video game. They're going a bit above and beyond the call of the project, which is cool). I've only just recently gotten into trying my own hand at working with a music studio, but since I've always been the musically inclined one of the bunch, they figured I made the most sense. So, since I hang around here a lot, admiring everyone's works of love and labor, it seemed most appropriate to get feedback from the people I feel I can most trust to give me a fair and accurate rundown of what they think. The project itself is supposed to be reminiscent of Final Fantasy, and likely won't exceed the graphical or artistic scope of FF1 or 2. From what I've seen, the guys are taking many mechanical cues from the series as well. For this reason, much of my music does not necessarily have to be more than MIDI quality...but, just like the guys are doing, I'm attempting to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. So, thoughts? I really appreciate any input you folks can give me!
  3. Hi there everyone. I've been around OCR for years, but I've only just gotten into doing anything of my own recently. I'm attempting (and failing miserably thus far...though its only been a few days) to make some original tracks for a few friends who need music for a CompSci college course project. Now, I've found a program (LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio) which fits into my budget at current (I'm pretty much broke...so free is good. lol), and seems like it might work well for what I'm attempting. My first and foremost question here is this: Is there any of you wonderful folks out there who can vouch either for or against LMMS as a program, and possibly offer up some of the pro's and con's of its design? Please bear in mind, while I would like to attempt in the future something like the more sophisticated and highly polished pieces I've seen around here, that the current project doesn't require anything more complicated or realistic sounding than your average Final Fantasy 1 or 2 MIDI tracks. Also, on a somewhat tangential note, I was curious to see if there was anyone who might be willing to halfway mentor me. I'm not looking for anything too serious. I'm mostly looking for someone willing to chat on AIM, or another such medium (Skype, other IM's and VoiP's, etc?) once in a while, about projects you may be working on, techniques you find most helpful, and just to be a friend and helpful buddy whom I can throw little road-block questions at. All things that would give me some inside knowledge of these programs, without having to feel like I'm reading/searching a textbook all the time to learn about them. Anyone willing to help out in this capacity would have my deepest gratitude. Thanks so much!