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  1. Thanks for checking out my version as well! Just wanted to come say that I love how djent-y you got yours to sound. If only all VG tunes were this cool...
  2. Thanks for the quick responses, guys! I'm glad I posted here before daring to attempt a submission. The rendition of the main melody started as something I was doing for laughs, but a friend suggested I try to get it noticed here on OCR, and here I am... I do plan on extending the song with an "Act I - Act II" sort of thing, in which I intend to add a bit more of my own personal flare. I'll definitely be taking my time to polish this up a bit with all of your creative/mixing suggestions in tow. Thanks again, and I'll be back with something epic!
  3. --Click to listen!-- Hey all, first time poster and first ever remix attempt. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated
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