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  1. Thanks for the great info! Though I'm wondering what exactly am I doing (a term?), it's mostly replacing, minor editing, etc. Does it count for anything? It fits in midi rips/producing (or is?), so I need to learn arrangement. I'll take your advice and start reading stuff. Again, many thanks!
  2. Introduction : Hi. I'm new. I've decided to take a step up with things, and my interest are the arts. (Literature, Drawing/things related to that, and hopefully one day, musically.) Where to begin.... I've been dealing with FL Studio ( for a few months now. I'm mostly good with 'remastering' as opposed to remixing. Though I haven't really thought of going all out/'pro', I don't have many skills and tend to cheat by extracting midis from roms since I can't compose/don't really have any means that aren't "costly". (A middle low class family, woo.) I originally started off using the ...well 'the ultimate genesis soundfont', I liked to feel some nostalgia. Also made Pokemon somewhat weird/interesting/nice. I've read a few things on it, but I'd like to get a better understanding/some specifics on that. Well, that, and I've only really looked at the standard submission form. (Which I know cheating won't pass it, as there's "1. Your submission must be your own, original arrangement.") I've got a few questions : 1 - what exactly counts as remixing? I'm wondering because I managed to screw around with "Ice Mountain Act 2" from Sonic Advance. (Not complete, and not a remix.) I don't think there's any hope with tinkering with something like a midi, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. 2 - Does 'remastering' have any meaning? I'm just a tad bit curious on that. (I'm questioning what remastering is, and am not sure what I'm doing.) Also wondering if it's "pointless'. (I mostly do this for personal enjoyment/for a friend, also for various projects of sorts.) Here's a few samples - link, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4. Though, most of the things on eSnips I have is pretty outdated/from when I was very inexperienced. I'm too lazy to upload some newer/fresher/'better' songs. 3 - Any advice on remixing/to dive into the remixing world? I know there's a FAQ about it, but I'm not prepared/ready for that, just wondering on early tips, just in case something happens. Maybe stuff about difficulty, I don't know. Also expecting a few harsh things here 'n there. Oh well. If you've gotten to this sentence, thanks for reading/skimming. Chances are, I'll be lurking around these parts.