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  1. So AKG K-240 is a good choice for headphones? I feel that it would be nice to have something better to use instead of my 3-year old cheap headset that I've been using so far.
  2. What is the best way to record? Right now I use Edison, is there a better way?
  3. So I bought a Behringer UCG102 and it works great. There's only one thing that bothers me. When I listen to the song trough the UCG102 it sounds great, but when I switch to my "Primary sound driver" and listens regularly*, everything sounds like crap compared to "Behringer USB Audio". It's not only the guitar parts, everything sounds muddy and floats together when trough the UCG102 you can hear the instruments clearly. What's wrong? Sorry again for being so noob at this stuff. The one on the left is regular and right is UCG102, dunno if this helps but w/e.
  4. I guess I could try one of those but then how would I get the amp effects?
  5. Hi, I have keyboard and an E-Piano which I easily can connect to my computer using a midi->usb adapter and use with e.g.* FL Studio. Now I've bought an electric guitar as well and was wondering how you plug one of those in so that you can record to the computer. It works if I put a cord between the phone jack on the amplifier and the microphone input on the pc but it doesn't sound that good. Sorry if this is stupid
  6. Welcome to the OCRemix Forums!

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