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  1. Stream at https://omniboss.bandcamp.com I recently completed this short album, a vague-concept album like a video game soundtrack. Any feedback would be appreciated and hope you enjoy!
  2. I've compiled some of my best stuff and put together a demo reel for potential clients. All the music is original, I've superimposed video of games that appropriately represent the types of games that would work with the genre of music. Let me know what you think!
  3. I just finished my demo reel of original music to try to get work on games as a composer. The games shown in the video are just for demo purposes, I'm not trying to claim I scored them! Let me know what you think and if you know of anyone making a game, send me their way at rosejake@gmail.com
  4. Just posted some kick-ass new artwork for my newest EP "Program Music Vol.2," sort of chip-tunes meets prog-rock. If you like it check out Vol. 1, which is orchestral RPG inspired. http://jakerose.bandcamp.com/album/program-music-vol-2
  5. I would appreciate any feedback or any leads relating to composing gigs for any medium especially games. Thanks! The link to listen or download is http://jakerose.bandcamp.com
  6. http://jakerose.bandcamp.com/album/program-music Just completed a 4 track demo of RPG inspired originals, my main inspiration being Keiichi Suzuki of Earthbound/Mother fame. Feedback is very appreciated, also looking for experience composing for a game. Thanks! Jake Rose:lmassoff: