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  1. I might be interested in taking a shot at the map theme, depending on the atmosphere of your other tracks so far. What I have in mind would be a calm, mostly acoustic, sort of campfire-side tune. "Ok, We'll Stop For The Night" or something. Can't promise anything at this point so you don't need to stop looking for a less risky candidate to fill the slot. I won't expect you to trust me with anything until I have something to show. Oh, and if you've already achieved your laid-back quota for the project, that's fine too.
  2. Alright, I think I've been doodling with music software for long enough, time to get some actual feedback on improving the quality of some of this stuff. This is a track I haven't been working that long on, but it's one I've grown to like. It's the beginning of a remix of, as you might have noticed, "Saren" from the wonderful Mass Effect soundtrack. Now, here's a direct link to the current version of the track. And a youtube link to the , almost forgot.Now, there are a few elements that I've been wondering about especially: Firstly, the voice clips. Using them seems a bit... maybe too easy. Do they detract from the music itself? I made a few tries, but couldn't make those parts sound as convincing without them as they do (to me) like this. Secondly, the part between :40 and 1:40. I have the feeling it could be made to sound more like actual club acoustics, but, at least with various combinations of bass boost, volume control and multiband compressors, I couldn't get it right without either completely muddying up the audio or making the wrong instruments accented. Obviously, feedback on anything and everything else up to and including the state of mass media today is also appreciated.
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