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  1. Finally found it! To anyone thats interested, the 3rd theme was from Castle of Ilusion starring Mickey Mouse (Which is a Saturn game I think). Thanks again to everyone who gave an answer or even just heard the track hoping to help =)
  2. Thank you so much both of you Just hope someone knows the third one >_<
  3. Dear Awesome Members of OCR! I have recently been given 3 pieces of music from video games. Problem is, I had never heard the music before, the person who gave me the music didnt know and I have no way of finding out. I really like the music though so I would like to know what games the music came from. I've taken a small recording of the 3 pieces of music I'm interesting in and put them on my Youtube page (Dont worry I'm not trying to get free subs or views or anything. As soon as I find out the origins of the music, I'm removing them). I've put the links to the 3 themes below. If anyone can help me by telling me what games the music came from, I would be so grateful. If anyone does decide to help me then thank you and if I am not suppose to post youtube links or I have done something wrong by requesting this, please disregard this thread and delete it. Thank you again. Theme 1: Theme 2: Theme 3: Again I do not mind if people dont wish to help but it would be really awesome if you could. Its been driving me crazy.