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  1. I saw this movie Friday, and I LOVED it. I've been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now, and I venture to say this is the best one yet. The action scenes were fantastic, the plot was intense, the villain was handled well, and the impact on future MCU movies is exciting to speculate on. What are everyone's thoughts?

  2. Also, even though the total says it's not at 3.5 million, the chart says "3DS and Vita Versions" reached.

    They are also using PayPal for funding and they are adding that towards the stretch goals.

    Also, they will continue to use PayPal even after the Kickstarter ends, so we could potentially reach all the stretch goals.

  3. I saw this over the weekend and thought it was awesome. A pretty good follow up to both The Avengers and Iron Man 2. I did have one problem with it though.

    (spoilers): The Mandarin. They made the Mandarin in the trailers and the first half of the movie to be this awesome badass that's gonna be a huge threat to Tony, then it is reveled that he's just a drunk British dude while Guy Pearce's character is the "real Mandarin". I didn't like the twist very much, but it didn't stop me from liking the movie, and it shows how good of an actor Ben Kingsley is. (end spoilers).

    Overall, very good movie. Interesting plot, introdcues the Extremis which Marvel head Kevin Feige says will return, and opens Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe nicely.

    What did you guys think?

  4. Everyone remember the rules of an album release:

    1) Download album. listening to it is optional. Bonus points if you say you downloaded it and only listened to the preview.

    2) Decide that the album has too much of the following: techno, vocals, rock, orchestra. Can be a combination of them.

    3) Go on to youtube, ocremix, or neogaf, and complain about such while making sure it is known that you disapprove of the efforts of a hobbyist community to come out with lots of high quality music for free. The more places you complain, the better.

    "OverClocked ReMix: ruining video game music for stuck-up internet twats since 1999!"

    What happens if we fail to abide to these rules?

  5. I would be okay with this.

    Yeah. I mean, it's been stated that DKC3 will have a Q4 release, and I've no reason to assume that they lied on that. :P But that does cut it really close with FF6. Should be interesting to see how they decide to balance* that.

    *get it, because the ff6 album title**

    **it's like a reference or something

    inb4 someone saying this album is a hoax

  6. Haha, I won't hold you to it, but... I will offer this:

    To anyone who takes the time out to do individual track reviews for the album, I will personally email you a ZIP file containing as many unreleased, unfinished, and preliminary works in-progress for the album as I can track down. There was some REALLY promising material from artists like Joshua Morse, AkumajoBelmont, DJ-AKX, Flexstyle, and many others that never ended up getting finished (some of those songs are even full-length arrangements) so there's some very worthwhile stuff to be heard!

    For a project as large as this, I really want every artist that contributed to get feedback. Everybody here put a great deal of effort into their track and nobody wants their efforts to be overshadowed, so even if it's just a few words for each track, I want to know what you have to think. I'm sure all of the artists involved would appreciate that, too. For those of you who listen to the entire project and go above and beyond with your feedback, I'll make sure you get a little something extra to enjoy, as a token of gratitude! :-)

    Hope you're all enjoying the trailer!

    And no... fortunately for everybody here, Donkey Kong has not, and will not be coming to my house to go ape-shit on me anytime soon! ;)

    I accept this challenge.

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