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  1. Hello, just now coming back to the site after a long time away, could I get my name changed to "firedude750" please?
  2. I saw this movie Friday, and I LOVED it. I've been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now, and I venture to say this is the best one yet. The action scenes were fantastic, the plot was intense, the villain was handled well, and the impact on future MCU movies is exciting to speculate on. What are everyone's thoughts?
  3. Anything by Sixto Sounds will get you pumped
  4. Keiji Inafune announced Azure Striker Gunvolt, a spiritual successor to the Mega Man Zero games. It's exclusive to the 3DS. Looks like a really fun game, and you can tell that this game was inspired by Mega Man Zero. Video -
  5. You can. You have to use Pokemon Bank which launches in December. it costs $5 a year, but you can store something like 3,000 Pokemon and trade them between any X/Y copies you own.
  6. They are also using PayPal for funding and they are adding that towards the stretch goals. Also, they will continue to use PayPal even after the Kickstarter ends, so we could potentially reach all the stretch goals.
  7. Now, I hate being that guy, but uhh... update?
  8. Do it, you won't be disappointed.
  9. I saw this over the weekend and thought it was awesome. A pretty good follow up to both The Avengers and Iron Man 2. I did have one problem with it though. (spoilers): The Mandarin. They made the Mandarin in the trailers and the first half of the movie to be this awesome badass that's gonna be a huge threat to Tony, then it is reveled that he's just a drunk British dude while Guy Pearce's character is the "real Mandarin". I didn't like the twist very much, but it didn't stop me from liking the movie, and it shows how good of an actor Ben Kingsley is. (end spoilers). Overall, very good movie. Interesting plot, introdcues the Extremis which Marvel head Kevin Feige says will return, and opens Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe nicely. What did you guys think?
  10. I only have two, Lego Indiana Jones 2, and Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, but Lego games are the easiest in the world to get haha
  11. Awesome, especially the worldwide release. I really want a huge Battle Frontier this time around, like Emerald or Platinum, not just the Battle Subway from BW.
  12. I tuned in and out, but only because every time Borderlands 2 got an award, Gearbox gave out shift codes. Only reason.
  13. Well, someone said to say this album is too full of heavy electronic so, it is. lol jk This album is FANTASTIC. I love "Bash the Bastards" a whole lot. I'll be doing a track-by-track review, so stay tuned.
  14. This means all they have to do is let it go public, so it's possible a midnight release could happen.
  15. I believe the Pokemon album came out near midnight. I think.
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