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  1. Good to hear, I have been checking on this thread once or twice a week since February. A few extra tracks before the actual album would be really nice. Just guessing thats what to look for. Been enjoying the MM9 and SuperDodgeball albums meanwhile. Two best albums from OC this year IMO. Hoping I can add this album to the top 3. (Actually hoping this one is better TBH!! )
  2. I recently became a fan of this site with Donkey Kong Music by Protricity. When i heard about Mavericks Rising i nearly went crazy! Best game soundtrack ever! So here i am with my 1st post. Before i was listing to this guitarist on Youtube. Youtube is where i found out about the album BTW, never read forums here before. I think they tapped his work, it sure sounds like him. The final preview has Spark Mandrill @ 6:18 Check his Spark Mandrill. Either way the guitar work was excellent, I can't wait. And if you can't wait for the album hearing his work will satisfy some peoples MMX fix.