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  1. Screw technology and it's ability to get better at an unreasonable rate :/ Okay, USB ports. I'll keep an eye on that. As for what style i will start learning with....i have no idea. I like to remix with my friend, we seem to make a really good pair so no matter what, our style will be a mixture. I can't wait to present this website with some of our songs.
  2. That makes sense, and i didn't plan on buying everything at once - i just wanted to make sure that i wouldn't get caught saying "well i want this piece of equipment, but my computer won't handle it. now i gotta go out and buy a whole new computer already!" I also didn't mean i was going to mix all the genres together, i only meant that i like "good" remixes, regardless of what style it is. For instance i absolutely love Monstrous Turtles, but I also love Lost In Jungle, two completely different styles of music but i love both of them to death. So as far as what style i want to make, i don't want to be known as the synth remixer or the orchestral remixer. I just want to be known for my music because it is good.
  3. Salluz, i can't help but absolutely love your enthusiasm. Or was your caps lock key stuck that day? Kanthos, wow. that post must have taken a chunk of your time. thank you for that. Great information, i'm not sure what type of music i want to do though, since the music i listen to isn't specific like that. If it's a good remix, it's a good remix. Is that a mage WoW emblem? Have there been any wow remixes?
  4. Trust me, i need a better computer. I think i've had this laptop for too long now. Vista had just come out at that time. When you say i need a good soundcard, you mean better than the ones that the computers they sell come with? Or do you mean i need an external one, or what?
  5. Thanks, Salluz. Bardic, what you said makes a lot of sense to me, and thanks for the site! i'll definitely check it out. Rozovian - what can i say, you pretty much answered a lot of my questions in that post. From what i understand now, the only real specs the computer needs are for the software you buy i.e. FL, and also for any instruments you might record, correct? From there, it will only be a matter of finding samples to use and/or recording them myself. Which brings me to another question (sorry!) what would i need to record, say, an acoustic guitar? Would i just need a microphone, or would i need to somehow plug the instrument into my computer? Again, i'd like to thank you guys for being so kind and patient. Maybe once i buy some of the items i'm saving for (thank goodness i'm raking in a ton of money from work since it's holiday season) i could perhaps help you with your 'intro to equipment' thread as someone who will have recently been in that situation. You guys are awesome.
  6. This helps some. I guess what i'm saying is, for us noobs, it would be a lot easier if there was a thread that said, "here is a huge list of different items for your setup, and here is a short one or two sentences about what they do: Keyboard, QLSO, etc. I'm not going to call myself a musical genius by any means but for some reason i just GET music. It's hard to explain because i've had no musical training or classes, but i can tell when beats are hitting a little later than they should. i can tell when people are doing a remix and they use a note that's even just the slightest bit away from what they need to be using. I have so many ideas for great remixes that i wouldn't dream of telling you them because i don't want to spoil the fun. I know that having tools and knowing how to use them are two different things, but i need to know what tools are available to me first. I feel like i'm walking into a baskin robbins 32 flavors and i only know 2 flavors: DAW(vanilla), and keyboard(chocolate). I know there are more flavors out there, i just need to find out what they are and if my waffle cone(computer) will be able to hold all the goodies i want. Learning how to use the items i buy will be the easy part.
  7. Excuse my incompetence, but it's very easy to get lost in these forums due to the amount of people active in them. First things first: My name is Dabbyl, nice to meet you all I've been searching for a few days now for information regarding the basics on how to get started remixing. I see a lot of specifics, such as "what keyboard should i buy?" but i'm searching for more of a "what all do i need to remix?" thread. In its simplest form, i'm looking for a checklist. I'll give you an example: YOU WILL NEED: 1 Computer (Note: for DAW you will need X stats on the computer to run one) (Note: for keyboard you will need X stats) (Note: for synthesizer you will need X stats) Etc. My fear is that i will go and buy a computer, and then as i'm adding on to my studio realize that it's not capable of handling some of the items i buy to complement my setup. A few years ago i was in a high school music creation class that had a simple setup, a computer, a DAW, and a keyboard. I thought what the heck, i'll buy a DAW and install it onto my computer and i'll be able to make music instantly, right? Nope. There were pieces to the puzzle missing and back then i had nowhere to turn for support, so i ended up walking away from my dreams. Four years later, here i am, listening to overclocked every single day and this time i do not want to get caught with my pants down. I want to know EVERYTHING, I want to buy a computer that will allow all supplements all addons, I want to know all of the supplements and addons, and above all I want to begin putting all the ideas in my head for great remixes into action so that I can contribute to OC. If there is a thread out there like what i'm describing, then would you be so kind as to point me to it? If there isn't, i'd like to suggest that there be a "getting started" thread stickied. Describing in detail one addon to your studio is great for those that already have a setup, but not for those with nothing. Again, i'm sorry for being a total noob. Sometimes i think i was born that way. I love music, I love OCRemix, and i want to be more than just an avid listener. Any help is MUCH, MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
  8. okay, i didn't know that! sorry it's been so long, I've been swamped at work :( trying to gain enough money to buy some mixing items!

  9. Your welcome.

    Um, you know that you can reply on my profile, right?

    OCR automatically records conversations between two people if someone posts.


    This is my conversation with you :)

  10. haha yeah i ended up looking it up once you left. but thanks again for all the info. i've been messing around trying to find out what would work for me

  11. Alright:

    DAW=Digital Audio Workstation.

  12. Thanks for the last post! That helps me out a lot. I was worried that i would go and buy a computer that i couldn't make music with. Something like that.

  13. alright just hit me up anytime

  14. Ignore that last message...

    Um, if you want a keyboard, make sure it is USB Midi compatible. Makes it easier to use with your DAW.


    It doesn't matter. I would preferrably get a desktop, but laptops work fine if you have enough USB ports, etc.

    I don't think there would be much difference with what OS you use. I would just make sure you have a good sound card and high-speed processor.

    A Synthesizer?

    Can't really help you.

    If it is a software synth, then, well... yeah. :-|

    But if it is hardware, then you should probably get a program to record it, like Audacity, then take that WAV and import it into Fruity loops.