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  1. Hi guys, if you think you can compose a sweet and engaging track for this kind of game then feel free to contact me on youtube or here: jurisnake@web.de. a short impression of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG-jUzBzpO0 You will get a nice piece of profit when the game is going to sale;)
  2. To give a bit inspiration and direction, just listen to this track here at minute 7-8 . Something similar in the style but a bit more fresh would fit well, I think: The game can perfectly provide action/dexterity gameplay and puzzles aswell. It would be cool to have a track for more action/dexterity based levels, and another track for heavily puzzle-based levels. The music has to represent the sweet and tricky nature of the game. You can probably try to come up with a rough track-version for the first and I will tell you it is heading in the right direction or not. Metal would be out of place, I guess.