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  1. Hey, just wanted to post here and say thanks for the kind words on the DKC3 album! I agree, Radiowar's track is absolutely stellar. Definitely one of my top-3 favorites from the album, if I really had to pick.

  2. Hi OCRemix Community, I hope you all are enjoying DKC3:DTT as much as I am. Its like some deity was softly whispering into my ears with a diamond covered voice for 5 plus hours straight and I enjoyed every minute of it. As an illustrator/ character designer i often find myself listening to a particular song or genre of music that will help me to created the mood and mindset of any given character that I am creating at the time and this album was definitely a huge inspiration during the late hours of the night into the early morning. My hands down favorite track from DKC3:DTT is Intoxica by Radiowar. Now, Im not a musician so I had to do a little research on the genre of music, trip hop, that is presented in this track as well as pull up some childhood memories of playing the Pipe level(s) in DKC3 and I must say that Radiowar undoubtedly hit the mark. The original song, Pokey Pipes, by Eveline Fischer is cohesively moody, melancholy, and melodic all of which Radiowar skillfully capture in his remixed interpretation of it. Radiowar's understanding of how to identify the underlying melodies in a song and transfer said melody into a completely different style of music is astounding. He's pitched the genre of Trip Hop to me and now I'm a fan; both of his music and the genre. To everyone involved with this project thank you so much for this amazing remix album! You all did an amazing job! -ShodBoi
  3. I check this thread like everyday. Sometimes twice a day. And i know one of these days magical, happiness will come over me. What a wonderful day it shall be
  4. So looking forward to this album and the bountiful happiness that it will bestow upon this world!!! Other than that i have a question (mostly likely not the correct thread to post it in): What would it take for me to become an OCR Album Artist?
  5. Of course I know its free lol. Donation time for my favorite composers
  6. Im gonna sit in the shower and cry as I listen to this album... You guys are gonna get hella money from me for this one ( or whatever i can afford). OCR is AMAZING!!!