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  1. I like the sound quite a bit; I'd wager it's worth exploring. One thing that strikes me is that it seems to invoke the traditional ice-level audio cues, which likewise seems to draw on the song's in-game context. Whether that's intentional or not, I enjoyed the twist.
  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad someone recognized it so quickly!
  3. Hey, all. So, I found this remix in late 2010, and I think it's extremely well done. Problem is, I haven't a clue where I downloaded it from, who the artist is, or where I can find it again. Multiple searches haven't turned up anything. As such, I can't find out if he's done more like it. This situation is obviously a pain, and it's been bugging me for a while. I'm hoping that someone else in this community will have run across it at some point, or recognizes the singer, and knows more about it than me. The song's clearly using Stickerbrush Symphony for much of its base, though I think I can hear pieces of In A Snow-Bound Land/Arctic Abyss and maybe Red Hot Bop in it as well. The only clues I have are that, according to the sound file, it was encoded using LAME in FL Studio 9 and that its ID3 Tag is v2.3. Also, in the comments box is this alphanumeric sequence: "0000089D 000008A8 0000527C 00004F79 00034F41 00034F70 00008000 00008000 000067F2 00009165". Haven't got a clue what that means. So, I threw the mp3 into a video and uploaded it to youtube to help my search. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN3rTiFc-BI The lyrics are as follows: And I can tell by the look in your eyes That this does not come to you a surprise. Silence fills the air around us And if we don't move I fear we'll be crushed. And I try to hold on to the still frames in my mind 'Cause I know You have no choice, you have to go. Can't we stop for a minute or two? Slow things down, think things through. The clock hands move too fast to keep track And every tick's like a knife in my back. So I try to hold on to the still frames in my mind 'Cause I know You have no choice, you have to go. So I try to keep myself from sneaking below the time 'Cause I know You think we're better off alone. But if you'll stop for a minute, dear, I think that I can make things clear, Make it clear for us both. So close your eyes and let's end this war, We'll pretend that there's something more At the end of our roads.
  4. Thanks very much, Zircon; that should help my search quite a lot.

  5. The Community forum is best. Also YouTube is fine, you can always change the video prefs so only people with the link can see it.

  6. Hey, Zircon. Forum question: I have a remix that I downloaded somewhere off the internet last year, but I can't find the original site or artist now. What would be the best place to post a general query (including the mix) to the community to see if anyone recognizes it? On that note, what's the best way to include the file? I don't own the mix, so I'm wary of uploading it to a site like youtube and then linking to that.

  7. The translation and singing are very good, I think. Yaxley's voice is particularly well-suited for it. Meshing them with the surrounding dialogue in the game (especially with about 8 minutes of it) was a bit distracting, though. Can you post a link to the song or its file alone?
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