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  1. re:formanta - skyscrapers [atmospheric drum & bass] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBiKzQITfmc hope you enjoy.
  2. hi im posting this for my alias reformanta. this is my first release from this name, hope you enjoy it. sorry that i cant embedd it. http://reformanta.bandcamp.com/
  3. cool, maybe you could tell me what kind of thing it needs because, your comment seems very open ended and doesnt really help -- im not being snappy or sarcastic here. *edit would also love to check out some of your work since you're a house/trance guy yourself; i love the stuff
  4. listening in now. love the piece, nice job on that. everything seems pretty perceptive, no real worries in the mix it seems. a personal pet peeve, was the violin string type thing got a little bright for me at times(a little annoying) also, maybe you could adjust the attack and releases a bit better so it sounds more natural, as someone said its kind robotic in a sense. other than that i wish it didnt end abruptly so i could hear more. -tyskie
  5. hi first of all, thanks a lot of checking out the remix, ill work on getting a TinDeck account. Although, I do not agree with your critique on the bass being too loud, i suppose i can see where you're coming from(i like to push it to the fine line). I thought i balanced it pretty well there. not to sound pompous, im here to grow! sorry that you guys dont like the stylistic properties of the track overall, what it seems im understand by the response. im a housey trancey guy, i thought the selection was good for myself, and thats who im producing for(hey im sure many other combinations could be better!) Melody is definitely not my forte, and im trying to get better in that department for sure. ill definitely try to return the listens when i see your works posted. -tyskie
  6. i like it a lot, sorry i cant really provide much criticism as i like it the way it is.
  7. ok, I did this for a comp Nintendude is doing, there is still lots of songs up for grabs. come on irc for deets if you're up for it. judging by the criteria here, i dont think it will do well hehe, but i like progressive music a lot thanks for feedback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaP8Jc51nGo -tyskie
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