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  1. Anyone else realize how close this theme is to the main theme in Castle in the Sky? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0aDTO4R5GE
  2. "VVVVVVROOM!!" Hey guys. I've been working on remixing a song from the indie game called "VVVVVV" on Kongregate. If any of you don't know the game, you can check it out at Kongregate, and there might even be a free trial there so you can even get a feel for the video game. ANYWAYS, I have heard several remixes from the original soundtrack, and I've only ended up enjoying "Clubbing Baby VVVVVVeal." (link: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02205/) I think this song is amazing, and I wanted to make a remix of one of the themes from VVVVVV similar to the way this song's approach. The song I've uploaded is extremely raw, but it's got enough built into it for you to imagine what the rest of it (if it were to be finished) would sound like. Two things: (1) it's only half the length that I am planning on making it, (2) the baseline in the "chorus" is just there for filling up the equalizer, and will most definitely change if I finish the song. If I get some good feedback, I might consider adding another 2-3 minutes to the song and cleaning up that boring bass line. Hopefully you enjoy this short version anyways. Cheers! Link to my remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/ufmg Link to the original song: http://youtu.be/NUJ7qjSvGgA
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