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  1. Here's a dnb version of the Last Battle against Lavos music from Chrono Trigger that I made: http://soundcloud.com/mykah/lavos Enjoy! Mekamodo / Mykah.
  2. Thanks man! Yep, totally agree with you about the snares, that's always a challenge in dubstep, getting that snare to punch without overpowering the mid bass. Hopefully I'll learn how to do it soon!
  3. It's been a while since I've posted any of my remixes to OCR so I thought I'd share these finished VG remixes I've done recently. I'm now using the name Mikrowave instead of Mekamodo. Ecco the Dolphin: Tides of Time - Lunar Bay (electro house remix) http://soundcloud.com/mikrowave1/lunarbaymikrowaveremix System Shock 2 - Ops 2 (dubstep remix) http://soundcloud.com/mikrowave1/system-shock-2-ops-mikrowave Legend of Zelda - Underworld (dubstep remix) http://soundcloud.com/mikrowave1/legend-of-zelda-underworld-mikrowave-remix this is a remake of my original remix of this tune I posted about a year ago, now much improved Let me know what you think! -Mikrowave / Mekamodo
  4. I made a few changes to this tune and this is now the final version. http://soundcloud.com/mekamodo/corridors-mekamodo-remix
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone, will make some of the changes suggested next time I have time off work and upload a new version of it hopefully next week.
  6. Hey all, here's a new house / dubstep remix of the Corridors of Time tune from Chrono Trigger (original tune by Yasunori Mitsuda). It's still a work in progress so let me know what I can do to improve it. Cheers! http://soundcloud.com/mekamodo/chrono-trigger-corridors
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yeah, perhaps the original chiptune was used too much at the beginning, but I only actually did the chopping up of that loop late on in production and didn't want to spoil it by using it at the beginning. As for low frequencies there is a sidechained sub bass in the tune, but I think perhaps its a bit too low frequency as it's almost impossible to hear on the soundcloud player. So maybe next time I'll add more mid end to the sub bass next time to give it more presence in the mix.
  8. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the remix. This was probably my favourite tune of the NES era Zeldas so I tried to do it justice in my remix. And now I've got a version that I can drop in my house DJ mixes
  9. Here's the final version of my fidget / electro house remix of the Palace music from Zelda 2 on the NES. Original tune by Akito Nakatsuka. http://soundcloud.com/mekamodo/zelda-2-palace-mekamodo-remix Download is available there too. Hope you like it!
  10. Yep, I've heard Strobe. I see what you mean now. The new version is much better, the drums have alot more presence now and bringing that cool arpeggio back from 1:45 again later in the tune is a good call too. Nice work!
  11. I'm liking this tune, nice ambient electronica vibes going on. Perhaps though the drums could be louder, more compression might work to give them more presence in the mix. Also maybe adding more bass could be cool in this tune. I really like the bit at 1:45 with the arpeggios, sounds like the pefect bit to drop a bassline afterwards, and bring the beat in with more force. That just my opinion though which might be making it too much like dance rather than electronica.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I chopped up the original loop in a slicer - and it sounded pretty electro so I was pleased with that. I also added another oscillator to the dubstep style main lead and changed the EQing to give it more presence in the mix without interfering with the mid bass too much. I did try and do more modulation of the mid bass but every setting I messed with didn't make it sound any better - so I guess I need to learn more about using that synth first before trying anything too fancy. I think I may have to call it a day now on this tune, as after 59 versions I am a little tired of working on it! So I think I may make this the final version. Besides I have a System Shock 2 remix and a Panzer Dragoon Zwei remix that have been sitting on my computer waiting to be finished for several months now - best get back to work on them next I think.
  13. New version uploaded: http://soundcloud.com/mekamodo/zelda-2-palace-mekamodo-remix-wip-v59/s-BaNoZ Lengthened the breakdowns to break the tune up a bit more and make it less of a constant beat.
  14. Ah yeah, I understand what you mean now. I'll have another look at it tomorrow and see what I can do. Cheers.
  15. Thanks. Yeah I've been trying to create that beat for ages. As is always the case it turned out to be really simple once I'd worked out exactly where each kick and snare goes. So by changing the dynamics, do you mean adding more elements to increase the variety of the sections where it drags? Or messing around with the existing elements more?
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