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    My name is Rowan; I like to draw; read; write poetry; sing and play the piano. As part of my hobbies I like to do cross-country; occasionally cycle and just have fun with my friends! I have been remixing for a number of years and revamping old music which is too good to be remade. I am also a Baritone male vocalist; alongside taking Grade 5 in piano very soon.
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  1. This is going to be a work in progress for what could be a long time as I've been busy however... I'd be more than happy if people use this as a stepping stone for a remix of The Extreme if they wish and perhaps we could collab together to complete it? Or perhaps create a group? The more the better;) There is much to be learnt here! So anywho, I've created an introduction for the piece and mastered it the best I could. Also: I found this video very inspiring (just now): but obviously, more heavy, full on- a lot of effects probably? With what I want, (could be a big goal) a full choir with perhaps recorded voices. :
  2. This is a song that I have sung myself; I just want some tips on production techniques and IF ANYBODY could; be able to put some backing underneath- but not cheesy, more on the basis of orchestrated strings vst's etc? The effects I have used are to create atmosphere; I also forgot to do 'noise removal'; but I thought the light ambiance worked in conjunction with the reverb and delay.
  3. I would like to say the thirds below was my intention; as I wish to expand on that part myself. I will include the thirds above using a different timbre, it could be effective; as for the wetness of the sound; I'll see what I can do and bring that instrument out just a knicker elastic louder. I am however, trying to match it as close to the original as possible but just with a few tweaks to create that 'spark' or 'feel' to reminisce the first time they heard the track. I might experiment with changing the ostinato- but little will be done as.. it is the key part that most of us all remember, right? As for the hi-hats.. they are too tinny, so I might up the bass a little or perhaps remove that and put in my own kit sounds; sampling or otherwise. I do like your advice, I agree with all you have said, minus the thirds below. (that was intentional, just to see how it will work)
  4. At the moment in time, there is so much yet to do with this remix; all I've done at the moment is changed a few instruments and messed with the effects a little. What I hope to do is.. remove the dissonances and vary the gross beat so it's made for only certain instruments such as the hi-hats, bass and ostinato counter melody. ..I may adjust the tempo a little; and also I hope to add my own parts; I don't know how that is going to work... I would like to blend this piece with another hopefully. At the moment, I'm fairly happy with the chosen instruments; it is just adding my own parts, adjusting the theme; re-wiring the kit etc. etc. Give me some input, and I'm sorry about the quality and grungyness of the track; I haven't mastered it either.
  5. I've dubbed this finished mostly because... Well, it's not really a project I wish to expand on, but maybe if others would like to sample it and use it to create a future remix, be my guest. Just email/inbox me and I will send you the track in a suitable format (if I can); but it's an FL studio file. I say this mostly because I feel as if it could be expanded; but I just don't have the time to make any changes. Not my best work, but I feel as if it's something; I didn't make many changes, because I felt as if I was happy with the piece.. I did experiment with gross beat, and the effects and just found that I liked the kind of moderate subtle-ness about it.
  6. I am going to put up the newest version which has been equalized etc. shortly; but it will have to be a YouTube video, just because I don't like the idea of somebody downloading my work and sampling it- I mean it can be done by ripping it from YouTube, but the quality is reduced;)
  7. I will be re-posting on the WIP board.

  8. Sweet. Are you submitting right away or going back to the WIP board? I'd love to hear the revised version.

  9. Hello there; the remix is complete, I've just had little time recently due to preparation for Uni.

  10. Dude, where'd you go? How's that FF7 remix coming? You can't just dangle a steak in front of us and then take off...;)

  11. I've actually completed another version of the piece with just repeats and a fade out- but you know what... That sounds like a totally radical idea, I could have a small guitar solo; possibly re-introducing the main theme of FF7; as I did in the opening section (A).
  12. I can get what you mean- but I mean, I used the 'main theme' at the beginning, I could do my best to bring it back somehow. However, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I feel that the main theme helps convey the 'sorrow' for those who care for the planet.
  13. I'm still debating what to do about the ending and whether or not to have a repeat and then come in with the 'main theme' again, using different FF7 pieces to make it more dramatic and finish it with an ambiguous cadence maybe? I'm open to new ideas I have also remastered it so the quality is much much better; but most of it was just a result of YouTube's quality.
  14. Hey, I will consider it; but before I go ahead I'd like you to know my 'remix-style'. I will PM you a few of my remixes and we can talk about it if you wish. However, I'm still amateur-ish, but semi-decent.