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  1. 2:32-2:37 Really like the percussion whose sound ends abruptly in this part.

    The ending (specifically, the last nine seconds) was really good.

    I'm imagining what it sounds like with sticking Sonic saying "That's no good!" right at the end. (and yes I'm half-joking) (and yes, I can't possibly be the first person to think of this)

  2. So glad I bough a subwoofer.

    My first impression is I've never heard anything quite like it. I like it a lot.

    At 1:40, the tempo increases and I don't find this necessary. It's still a good song, but I think the song would retain its great uniqueness if you held the original tempo throughout the rest of the song (or at least *most* of it). But hey, you can't please everybody. Real good, keep it up!

  3. Love the strings you've got starting at about 1:40.

    The celeste playing the melody at 0:00-1:20 is pretty darn good. Try somewhere in that part, introducing an additional instrument, so that there are two instruments playing the same notes simultaneously, see what that sounds like.

    I assume you still are working on the ending. The ending would be better if you just had the celeste by itself and stopped the guitar part (is that a guitar?) before the last few seconds.

  4. Sounds too much like the original. Perhaps this can be improved simply by rearranging the chronological order of certain parts of the song. Obviously the *instruments* sound much different.

    As for an ending, perhaps try an ascending arpeggiated minor chord and then end an octave higher than the root of the chord.

  5. After hearing the original for the first time, definitely some great potential for remixing here.

    At 0:06, you've got a rapid succession of notes which is fabulous!

    Then at the part that ends at 1:03, it sounds like you're building up to something big (but instead you just end the song). It would have been really fun if you had instead, thrown in another rapid succession similar to the one you had at 0:06.

    At 0:38, it sounds like you're going into the Pokemon Red & Blue Gym music (http://youtu.be/biLeC5D4S48?t=16s). Though, I'm probably just saying that cos I like that game a lot.

    Really good so far!

  6. Version 2 is definitely an improvement.

    It's sounds too similar to the source material. The instruments are different of course, but "same song, different instruments" just doesn't constitute a good remix.

    I think it would be difficult to turn this thing around into something different enough from the original source material without starting back from square one. My suggestion would be to, at the melody, insert some harmonic chords. In fact, I think the song would be much better, if you started off the song doing the main melody at slow tempo with just piano, inserting a few harmonic chords at appropriate places.

  7. Love the variety of instruments. Little things like the celeste at 1:03 and the harmonica at 1:41 really keep my ears aroused and I want to hear the rest. I am a fan of variety, and you delivered.

    At 2:44, you've got the harmonica playing a succession of notes that's been played by the piano for the whole time (up until that point) and then that succession is finished by the piano. A very explicit switching up the functions of instruments- this is something that doesn't appear in songs enough on ocremix! We need more of this.

    The ending is fine, don't worry about it.

    Get an analog piano and record it, get a different sound sample, whatever you have to do, I just think something can be done to make the piano sound better.

  8. Love that part at the beginning where you just pound our ears with that electric guitar. Coming in hard like that isn't always the best choice, but for this, it was very appropriate.

    I would definitely download this.

    melodically at least, it's a little conservative.

    Agreed. But I think not doing it conservative would be a little risky.

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