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  1. I was going to say that 1:49-2:00 sounded too cliche for this genre, but you saved yourself by putting in those drums there:-D I would like to hear the melody from 2:50-3:04 repeated with the instrument that played at 2:49. Song starts smoothly, song ends smoothly. I'd rather listen to this than the original. *clap*clap*
  2. 2:32-2:37 Really like the percussion whose sound ends abruptly in this part. The ending (specifically, the last nine seconds) was really good. I'm imagining what it sounds like with sticking Sonic saying "That's no good!" right at the end. (and yes I'm half-joking) (and yes, I can't possibly be the first person to think of this)
  3. I'd throw in a second piano. For example, appearing in the song at various points, playing the same notes as the first. I'm imagining the second piano coming in at 1:09 - 1:15 and simultaneously playing the first piano's notes an octave lower.
  4. I've got to turn my bass up to max in order to get any appreciation of the bass guitar. Make it more audible- You've got something good here!
  5. Thanks a ton for the feedback C - much appreciated.

  6. Ya don't waste time on an intro- you just get straight to the freakin point! You don't flop around trying to end the song- you just end it! These are skills that are not abundant in the world of remixing. I tip my hat to you.
  7. Thank you for transporting my ears to the late 1980s. The idea of using that *sound* as a substitute for human speech with words- is a great one! It's been used in other genres, and now someone's brought it over to the world of video game remixes. Props. Synth you have at 0:23 got me hooked.
  8. Oh, oh "tribute", right. I could have sworn there was a separate sub-forum for that. Well in that case, yeah, as a tribute it's great, can't wait for that ending!
  9. So glad I bough a subwoofer. My first impression is I've never heard anything quite like it. I like it a lot. At 1:40, the tempo increases and I don't find this necessary. It's still a good song, but I think the song would retain its great uniqueness if you held the original tempo throughout the rest of the song (or at least *most* of it). But hey, you can't please everybody. Real good, keep it up!
  10. Love the strings you've got starting at about 1:40. The celeste playing the melody at 0:00-1:20 is pretty darn good. Try somewhere in that part, introducing an additional instrument, so that there are two instruments playing the same notes simultaneously, see what that sounds like. I assume you still are working on the ending. The ending would be better if you just had the celeste by itself and stopped the guitar part (is that a guitar?) before the last few seconds.
  11. Don't really like the part from 1:00-2:17; too monotonous. This is absolutely correctable in my opinion. Maybe throw in some progression of augmented/diminished/dissonant chords that occasionally resolve to a major chord or consonant dyad? Could you post the original source material?
  12. This is a good quality song. I'd let it though. I must say, this isn't really my thing (not really into the original source material either), I really like how you decided to end it.
  13. Sounds too much like the original. Perhaps this can be improved simply by rearranging the chronological order of certain parts of the song. Obviously the *instruments* sound much different. As for an ending, perhaps try an ascending arpeggiated minor chord and then end an octave higher than the root of the chord.
  14. It is my opinion that every time you want to do the "Start with acoustic guitar, then switch to electric" formula, you have to go back to the acoustic for a while. And that's what you did! I will concur with urdailywater. This song's quality went up about 170% with the addition of the brass.
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