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  1. I agree it needs to be more dynamic, but I'd think only in growth. I don't really see any need for more valleys since it's already a down tempo piece. I'm definitely going to use additional instrumentation, but I think I'm looking for more of a building progression so I think the glitch works on the source as is for an up tempo foundation. The greater need is for additional arrangement, not more cutting up of the arranging I've already done. I don't necessarily view the repetition as a bad thing. I agree that I need to vary what is introduced so that the repetition is reinforced rather than just monotonous. Thanks guys, hopefully I'll get some time to put some work into this soon.
  2. I was playing around with this piece just for kicks and started to get an atmosphere and dynamic that I really liked. I cut it up in a repeat and liked that too. It feels like it should go somewhere but I'm not keen on just throwing in some breakbeats. I just really love the space and subtle overtones. Any thoughts? Note: Ignore the 7 minute length. Mixdown went funky and I'm too lazy to figure it out for an early draft. http://soundcloud.com/flubly/spirit-of-the-night
  3. Thanks guys, I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of it. I'm definitely keen on the idea of expanding it and developing a build since the progression cycles nicely. This wasn't a crack at fame, but more of an interesting approach to reflect on the pieces structure. Possibly to be no more than an inspiration for a further work. I won't be able to work on such a thing for a while, but maybe it will inspire some one else. I wanted to get it out here before I forgot, since I think it raises worthy discussion.
  4. Make sure to watch in HD, there's a huge difference. Pretty simple concept with simple execution, though I think the results are very nice. This piece is usually known for its melody and driving bass line, but I was attracted to the quartet that is the foundation for the whole thing. A nice canon with some simple but satisfying counter point.
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