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  1. I'm really liking how this is shaping up. The mix is well balanced and has a great beat to it. I have no issues with how it sounds.


    My only real issue is that it feels quite short, I think a lot of the ideas in the first minute could be expanded on into a slightly longer remix. Especially as the ending feels way too soon.


    I look forward to hearing your progress on this one.

  2. Damn, this track has some attitude, I love it.

    Lot's of swagger potential in this. I like the arrangement and I think your use of the source is following the overall structure but adding your own spin on it,very good.

    The ending is a little abrupt but I imagine it's pretty hard to end something like that, as a suggestion if I were you I would go for how the source tune finished up, a tinny little solo melody fading out.

    Overall really enjoying it though. :-D

    Also I forgot to mention, some of the stuttering transitions particularly the third one right at the end, i felt wasn't very smooth. It kinda of interupted the song for me, I would prefer one chunk of stutter as opposed to two one after another, I take it your using gross beats for that?

  3. I like the overall sound of the piece, there's no noise and a lot of clarity within the piece, which is awesome.

    However, I do feel it is a bit repetitve and a large section in the middle could be cut out, or changed, i second the opinion that the synth at 1:40 sounds a bit out of place with the feeling of the rest of the song.

    I think you should redo some of the parts add a little more variety to the piece.

    Other than that I feel this is really good and has a lot of potential.

  4. Hi there.
    This was the first piece of game music I really fell in love with. I wanted to try and go for a sort of strange transition thing, to mark lisa's change in the scene.
    This is also my first attempt at a remix. I'm just looking for some feedback on what I should be focussing on right now. And if anyone feels the need to say it's terrible go right ahead. I won't be hurt....honest:grin:.
    Thanks in advance.

    My Remix draft 1:

    Draft 2:
    Draft 3:

    Source Tune:

    I've now updated with my improved version love to hear what you think.