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  1. So it may have been a while but I have updated this remix and I am once again looking for some feedback. Thanks, Dark-eco
  2. I'm really liking how this is shaping up. The mix is well balanced and has a great beat to it. I have no issues with how it sounds. My only real issue is that it feels quite short, I think a lot of the ideas in the first minute could be expanded on into a slightly longer remix. Especially as the ending feels way too soon. I look forward to hearing your progress on this one.
  3. Yay a crash remix. Liked the laugh at the start, i'm also going to agree i feel the synth at 0.25 is a bit out of place. Got a really nice re mix going on here. love the bass sound. I do feel it ends a bit abruptly though, perhaps it could be extended a bit? All in all good work so far.
  4. damn, this is freaking awesome. Loving the use of sounds effects, it's a great re-mix, dunno if this is just me but it seems to keep a kind of heavy metal structure to it, the soft/heavy dynamic that interplays thorughout the piece, regardless an awesome job keep up the good work.
  5. Thought this was an awesome remix, agree with the minimalistic style its really effective rmeinds me of the minecraft music, yet filtered through some kind of awesome box. Great Job
  6. Damn, this track has some attitude, I love it. Lot's of swagger potential in this. I like the arrangement and I think your use of the source is following the overall structure but adding your own spin on it,very good. The ending is a little abrupt but I imagine it's pretty hard to end something like that, as a suggestion if I were you I would go for how the source tune finished up, a tinny little solo melody fading out. Overall really enjoying it though. Also I forgot to mention, some of the stuttering transitions particularly the third one right at the end, i felt wasn't very smooth. It kinda of interupted the song for me, I would prefer one chunk of stutter as opposed to two one after another, I take it your using gross beats for that?
  7. I like the overall sound of the piece, there's no noise and a lot of clarity within the piece, which is awesome. However, I do feel it is a bit repetitve and a large section in the middle could be cut out, or changed, i second the opinion that the synth at 1:40 sounds a bit out of place with the feeling of the rest of the song. I think you should redo some of the parts add a little more variety to the piece. Other than that I feel this is really good and has a lot of potential.
  8. Thanks, I've tried to sort out some of those issues in the newer version.
  9. Hi there. This was the first piece of game music I really fell in love with. I wanted to try and go for a sort of strange transition thing, to mark lisa's change in the scene. This is also my first attempt at a remix. I'm just looking for some feedback on what I should be focussing on right now. And if anyone feels the need to say it's terrible go right ahead. I won't be hurt....honest:grin:. Thanks in advance. Dark-Eco My Remix draft 1: Draft 2: Draft 3: Source Tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXVV1fkCz6A&feature=related I've now updated with my improved version love to hear what you think.
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