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  1. Actually, that's not the issue, since I own both dvd boxsets. I'm not looking for the episodes, I'm wanting the soundtrack.
  2. I didn't have high hopes about this either, but I wanted to know better than staying "ignorant" about the situation. Seems like I'll have to stick to copying samples from various episodes or a miracle. I already have the song I wanted from the series, even if it's a short sample, but yeah... miracles for the win. About the name... weird, right? This site has been up for nearly a decade (or more?) and no one hadn't taken it.
  3. Hey all. I've been following this site for years, but hadn't made an account until the other day. I was wondering... I'm sure everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and that its soundtrack never was released to the public. A user on YouTube, (specifically this person) has tried using samples from several episodes to make each track, as seen , but it isn't enough for those that have been wanting this serie's soundtrack for years. In another online forum, the same person wrote he's been trying to contact Disney directly to buy the music, but hasn't gotten a reply, so I suggested the following:Check out a site or forum that has many remixers, like this one, since it's full of mixers and video game music, then, ask for the following: If people are interested in doing "replicas" of the soundtrack, with the most accurate instruments from the show. However, I know that there are methods for cleaning up songs, but making a whole soundtrack would be a tad tedious, and it would be much easier to find someone willing to work on replicas or "HD" versions of them, which would be basically the same as long as the sound like if they were made back then. Didn't expect a wall of post, but hope this works. Thanks.
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