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  1. Just submitted this one, but figured I'd post it in here as well since I'm not sure how long it will take to be reviewed. (I decided I was impatient after waiting 8 years to make my second submission to the site) http://sadku.com/music/Prisoners_Of_Fate.mp3 Hope you guys like it.
  2. Sheet music available here: http://rapidshare.com/files/126191689/cctns_ocr_-wip_11-23-2003_.pdf.html
  3. Finally put the other tracks back online. Think of these as "beta" versions, since there are definitely some more serious flaws than exist in the Time's New Scar track. The plan is eventually to re-record them, if I ever get around to it. http://joek.org/music
  4. The pause at 1:40 was an artistic pause. You might not agree with the artistry there, but it was nonetheless. As to some of your other references -- 0:53 "unsatisfying," 2:40 "sounds weird," and 4:55 "sound rather cheesy," that's obviously a matter of opinion and I can't take issue with that. I agree that there are periods of sloppy playing, and you have a good ear for catching most of these. I don't feel that these small errors detract from the enjoyment of the piece, though. None of them are glaring, certainly. The reason I never "officially" released any of my other recordings is because they all have glaring errors which in my opinion DO detract from the enjoyment of the piece. I am hoping to get back in the studio to rerecord them eventually, though. (I've been saying "eventually" for at least 2 years now.)
  5. Sorry about the links to my other pieces being down. They'll be back up shortly -- I'll post an update once I have them back up.
  6. I would be happy to have it transcribed, and would love a copy of the music if this actually happens. I do have a few other remixes. However, the performances are somewhat flawed in a couple of places, so I have been hesitant to submit them to the OC Remix site. You can download them here if interested - and please let me know what you think. My favorite is the Radical Dreamers one. Despite one hugely glaring error in the performance I think it is the most creative and the most passionate of all my remixes. http://joek.org:81/music/piano%20session%20072902/02%20-%20Chrono%20Cross%20-%20Leaving%20the%20Body.mp3 http://joek.org:81/music/piano%20session%20072902/04%20-%20Chrono%20Cross%20-%20Dream%20of%20the%20Shore%20Bordering%20Another%20World.mp3 http://joek.org:81/music/piano%20session%20072902/05%20-%20Chrono%20Cross%20-%20Radical%20Dreamers.mp3
  7. I find it very interesting that someone thinks this recording sounds like midi. If anyone knows of a midi device/keyboard that sounds this much like a real piano, please let me know where to find it (this was recorded on a young chang grand piano) Also, I did obviously know what the structure was going to be before doing it...however, if I were to record it again it definitely would sound very different each time
  8. Unfortunately, there is no score for this arrangement...I basically took the original score, set it down in front of me, and used it as the basis for an improvisation, which is this song. I'm horrible at actually sitting down and writing out sheet music (or putting it into the computer for that matter) so most of my stuff tends to be improvised. Also, thanks to all for the wonderful comments regarding my arrangement. They're all greatly appreciated.
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