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  1. I am using the .midi as the source. At first I was duplicating it but that's not a remix so I've been starting to see the music in chunks. With each chunk (section of the arrangement) I experiment with different ways to make it more interesting. This particular mix I took a cool sounding guitar loop and choped it up. There's muted V^V^ then an open note (I think that what it is) and made it do what I'd like to be able to do on a guitar. I tried doing each note one at a time as individual .wav's but I don't like how it turns out. The synth really isn't a synth. It's a note from a lead guitar
  2. This is the second remix I attempted. I made it and it sounded really flat. Not knowing anything about music other than what sounds good to me, I put it on the back burner until I learned more about sounds. It's still not finished, no real intro, there's some tweeking to do and probably someone's going to say my arangement is too conservative (I have no music background and this is litterally my 2nd remix attempt, give it time guys). My biggest concern is how it sounds. Not being able to get the sound I want discourages me from delving into new and exiting interpetations on the source but I h
  3. I totally agree that it's really empty. I'd say about 75% of the song comes from the melody I don't have and that's the base/distortion guitar. The creative arrangement starts at the point the current song ends too and that doesn't help give a first impression that this will be anything other than a "cover". As long as people aren't posting "OMG delete this now and never post anything like this again" I suppose I can keep plugging.
  4. This is my first remix post and probably my 3rd song attempted at a remix. The source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORMeyEOmQaQ The Mix: http://tindeck.com/listen/yqmb Things to do. 1. Write a base/rythem guitar part which is obviously missing from the mix. This has been the most problematic because I'm a baddie and can't make the sound I want. 2. Write the 2nd solo for the lead where this mix ends. 3. Extend the orchestra to fit the solo. 4. Conclude the mix with something that I'm probably not talented enough to do. 5. Make better drums. The ones in the mix are pretty much bad and are
  5. This is a colab between me and my brother. He composed the orginal on Cakewalk as a .midi and the more I listened to it the more I could hear the different melodies. So I decided to flesh it out with some better sounds to really bring out his talent. The song was meant to be played in a video game he made for a friend for his birthday but I'm not sure if he ever completed it. He also has a bunch of other unfinished tracks running about 30-40 seconds long. Hopefully if he gets some positive feedback he'll actually complete them. So here it is! http://tindeck.com/listen/ojjo I apologize if my
  6. The Kontak 3 Player is free but I think that one is so limited that I'd actually need to buy the full program which is pretty expensive to do what I want to do. If there's a work-around (not a hack or anything) I'd be more than happy to learn it!
  7. A long time ago I stumbled across some program that allowed me to pretty much create my own library of .wav sounds to use in a .midi program like Cakewalk. I know I'm not actualy replacing the sounds but there was some sort of .wav sampler that played when I wanted a certian tone. Ideally I'm looking for a sampler that allows me to make a library of .wav for every key on a keyboard and not one that transposes one sound to all the keys (these sound awful). Or.... I have ARIA for Acid pro which is a sampler (I think). I know where the file is that contains the .audio files for all the sounds b
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